Principals' Summit

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Spend the opening day of the Teacher Self-Care Annual Conference focused on attuning to the needs of the leaders in our school communities. Learn from administrators from around the country around teacher wellness through collaboration, application, and professional growth.  Hear current and past administrators as they share evidence-based strategies on how to address teacher wellness. 

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One of the tenets of our conference is the belief that at teaching conferences, attendees should leave with a toolbox of strategies and resources to help them work with students. From the start of the conference until the end, attendees will have time to apply the knowledge learned to their school communities ! 


Teachers attend our conference not knowing anyone and leave  with friends who understand the stressors of education. We have created sessions that encourage true collaboration around teacher voice. Spend time with other teacher leaders around how to create and support systems that support teacher wellness. 


Professional Growth does not start by sitting imlessly having information read to you. Instead, it starts with having critical conversations around teacher wellness and how to support school communities. During our event, we focus on using evidence-based strategies to engage all attendees in opportunities for professional growth. 


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