As a professional expat, you are expected to be high-performing, adaptable, confident in leading both younger and older colleagues, and also to be able to work effectively internationally. You may be expected to work remotely with colleagues around the world, or go support various projects abroad

That's a lot of pressure if you're just starting out!

At times though, when we enter a new country or working environment, it seems like the whole world has changed and we start feeling confused about who we are, what we value, our identity, what’s right, what’s wrong, how we should behave…  

Project Abroad is designed to help you address various challenges, whether you are a short-term assignee or a longer-term expat. 

Before you're ready to create space for that, you need to sort out the inevitable logistics.

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Hi, I'm Marta!

I'm a psychologist and coach, helping you get more confident and comfortable in the new culture.

I have always been close to a lot of things intercultural. Starting with a real passion for an atlas and it proving to be the most interesting read ever, through starting to learn foreign languages, singing in a choir which hosted international festivals, to getting a corporate job, having regular exposure to people from our various global offices, getting CQ & Transformational coaching certified. All this to help professional expats like yourself  move across geographies.

In 2015 I decided to move abroad. I wanted to get some more day-to-day international exposure and experience by myself, to see what it’s like to live in a different country. I moved to London, UK, and have been here for the past 6+ years.

First, this blog has become my expat project. Project: Abroad. Now, it's growing to be more than this. I want to keep discovering “the abroad”, keep learning about other places in the world and helping you successfully go through the ups and downs of living and working internationally.

Download the Moving Checklist and clear your head from all the to-dos!

 In this checklist, you will find:

  • Tips on pre-move planning and research
  • Guided reflection on context of your move
  • Travel arrangements considerations
  • Language skills - what to start with
  • Leaving arrangements considerations

+ Bonus nuggets of wisdom 

Sounds good? Take control and start this adventure abroad well!

Very excited to hear back from you on how the move went! :) 


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