Don't settle for surviving students.

Surviving isn't good enough. We cannot accept it as the norm. Thankfully schools are the single most powerful agent of change in our society.  

Here at Project School Wellness we recognize these profound truths and are radically challenging the system by daring educators to revolutionize how we teach students to thrive and live well! 

Easy to Implement Solutions

We are acutely aware of the ever pressing stress of being an educator in America. Which is exactly why we've made a commitment to creating easy to implement solutions. 

Each of our resources has been designed for the sole purpose of equipping students with the real life knowledge and skills needed to build sustainable health and happiness (a.k.a. thriving) for now and the future!

A Comprehensive Approach

It truly takes a village. And the only way we can successfully transform the well-being of our students is by working together. 


Discover standard aligned resources and strategies developed to reinforce student wellness and enhance well-being.

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School Counelors

Explore ideas for expanding comprehensive school counseling program to included fundamental wellness principles.   

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A thriving school starts with you. Discover everything you need to know about creating a sustainable culture of thriving.

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Free Resources for Teachers Across the Curriculum

We love spoiling our members with across the curriculum freebies! Our free resources are low-prep activities designed to make wellness promotion easy for even the busiest of teachers! Check out our freebies here

What people are saying about Project School Wellness' resources

"I have NEVER seen kids so engaged during the last week! I love how I was able to teach them something so meaningful and valuable during a time when most students have "checked out" for the year. So thank you, thank you, thank you, again! I'll be using this again next year for sure!"

- Customer's feedback on Project School Wellness' Inside & Out of Emotions bundle

"Absolutely LOVE all these resources. Everything is tied together and easy for students to understand. It makes teaching Health & Wellness super easy for the first time!"

- Customer's feedback on Project School Wellness' introduction to health resources 

"This project is just what I need! We need to help our children see how they belong in our schools and communities. Thank you for your quality products."

- Customer's feedback on Project School Wellness' All About Me freebie