Psychic Development Course 

Psychic gifts are your birthright!

And are just as common as gifts of music, art, dance or any other creative endeavour that requires training and practice.

This course brings the awareness and understanding necessary to develop your latent psychic abilities. You will learn to use your inner eyes and ears to see and hear between worlds.

Imagine touching objects and reading their history, communicating with guides and loved ones in spirit, and deepening your confidence in your inner knowing and intuitiotn!

We have designed this course to unlock the variety of psychic gifts available and learn to work with them safely and confidently with support and encouragement.

The Psychic Development course combines audio recordings and written materials with a healthy dose of practical assignments!

Course Outline

#1 Introduction

Who are Red and the Council

Mentorship Available.

Do all people have psychic abilites?

More on psychic abilities


#2 Fear of psychic abilities

What has blocked our psychic abilities?

Fear of our psychic abilities

Assignment on dealing with your fears

 Do psychic abilities run in families?

Assignment on DNA & psychic abilities

#3 Clairvoyance

Setting Boundaries

What is Clairvoyance?

More on Clairvoyance


#4 Clairaudience

What is Clairaudience

More on Clairaudience


#5 Pyschometry

What is Psychometry?

More on Psychometry


#6 Claircognizance

What is Claircognizance

Clairalliance, Clairgustance

More on Claircognizance


#7 Concluding Thoughts

Concluding thoughts

Automatic writing

Distant viewing



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Psychic Development

Psychic gifts are your birthright! We have designed this course to unlock a variety of mystical skill sets. Audio recordings, written coursework and a healthy dose of practical assignments make for a fun and exciting experience!

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How long do I have access to the course?

For this lifetime (:

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Yes, through email

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