Rachael Groll is a pastor, missionary, and author. She is the host of the popular Hearing Jesus Podcast and the Hearing Jesus for Kids Podcast. The Hearing Jesus Podcast has been in the TOP 25 Christian Podcasts for over a year, and has ranked TOP 3 Globally! The goal of the daily devotional style podcast is to help women gain confidence in their relationship with the Lord and to hear God's voice more clearly though God's word.

Rachael's latest book, She Hears: Learning to Listen to Jesus,  takes women through an inductive Bible Study of six women in the life of Jesus in the book of John.

Contact Rachael:

Website: Shehears.org

Apple Podcast: The Hearing Jesus Podcast

Instagram: she_hears

Facebook: Facebook Community

Email: rachael@shehears.org

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Topic Options:

The She Hears Bible Study

Setting Your Bible Study Up for Success

Learning How to Hear From Jesus

Spiritual Growth in a Season of Healing

Overcoming Church Hurt

Miracles on the Mission Field

Women in Ministry

Learning How to Discover and Exercise Your Spiritual Gifts

If you have another topic in mind, please ask!

Rachael has a heart for pointing others to Jesus and serves across the globe in the areas of evangelism and discipleship.  Her greatest calling is to know Jesus and to make Him known.  However she can serve your audience, she is willing.

Thanks again for the support! If you would like the full press kit for the She Hears Bible Study, please reach out to Rachael and she will send it.

Recording Info:

Please send recording instructions at least 72 hours before the interview.  Please specify if it will be audio or video. Rachael is currently limiting her interviews to 35-40 minutes, max.

Thank you!

We are excited to collaborate with you and to see what the Lord might do during our time together!

Again, if you need any additional information, please reach out by email to rachael@shehears.org