What graduates are saying about their transformation

Christen B.

I've done so much therapy to help my eating habits and be able to stick to a diet. I would have never imagined the extent to which my behaviors were rooted in my early experiences and how easy it would be to heal and move forward.

Julietta H.

When I joined the group I had no idea what to expect. Three months looked like a huge commitment. At the end, I was craving another three and another three. The space created by Galina and my fellow participants is truly where the deep work happened. 

Kate C.

I would do this over again. The depths of self-compassion and foundational healing that I experienced in the group were incredible. I was able to touch safety and self-love in ways I have never imagined. I can say I have full acceptance of myself as I am today thanks to this work. 

About Galina

I am here to support you on your own healing path to peace with self and peace with food. As a trauma and movement specialist, my way of approaching our relationship with food is both mindful and bodyful, compassionate and transformative, grounded in science and realized in loving connection.