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Have you heard about cryptocurrency but aren't exactly sure what it is?

Would you like to get involved but don't know where to start?

No worries. We will break it down so that you have a clear understanding.

what is group economics?

A group of people with a common economic interest who actively and consciously pursue that economic interest together to create a sustainable economy for themselves.

Group Economics 2.0 combines this concept with the latest technology currently impacting the global economy.

presenter lineup

Ansylla Ramsey

Cryptocurrency Simplified

Curious about crypto? Ansylla will break it down for you. For the past 3 years, she has been helping people get into the crypto space. It's not as complicated as you may think. After this clear introduction, you will want to get involved with crypto right away.

Kay & Ronald Coleman

The Power of Group Economics

Many seek ways to survive during these uncertain times, but not enough of us come together to help one another reach our financial goals. This crypto power couple knows how group economics can benefit you and your community. You may be surprised to see what really can be accomplished when we pool our resources.

Brian Battle

Diversify to Thrive

What do you really need in your portfolio to plan your financial future? Brian helps expand visions and dreams while coaching to wealth creation and ultimate FREEDOM. You will learn what you need and how to get it easily and affordably. 

Tamara Staley

Sisters in Crypto

We want to celebrate women innovators in the cryptosphere and give back to women in need around the world. Sisters In Crypto will do both. Tamara has been teaching women crypto fundamentals for over a year. She will share all the details and tell how you can get involved.

Hosted by

Wanda D. Hollis

Media Partner

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