We care about your health and safety.

You and your pets are our #1 priority.

COVID-19 Update

Dear Adventure Tails Families,

On March 25th Adventure Tails temporarily closed as a result of the Ontario government order requiring all non-essential services to temporarily cease operations.  Shutting down services was important to stop the spread of this dangerous virus.

On May 14th the Ontario government advised as part of its phased re-open plan that dog walking businesses can resume operations commencing Tuesday May 18th. 

Prior to our shut down, we implemented many safety precautions to protect you, your homes, your pets, and our team.  We will be continuing those procedures, and have implemented some additional precautions.  You'll find a listing of our health and safety procedures below.  

COVID-19 has changed the way we carry out our services, and we want to assure you that your health and safety is our number one priority. 

If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact me at Laurie@adventuretails.ca or 705-977-1510.  

We are really excited to be able to serve you, and can't wait to see you and your pets again!  It will be one joyful reunion!!

Here's What We're Doing to Protect You, Your Home, & Your Pets


We will be wearing masks whenever we are in your home.

  • The face mask may be removed when walking outside.  A social distance of 6 feet must be maintained at all times.
  • If a face mask causes your pet to become reactive or apprehensive, the mask may be removed to calm the animal. The mask will be reapplied as soon as it is safe. Team members will talk to your pet in a soft, soothing voice through the mask while providing treats.

    Disinfecting Surfaces

    We disinfect all surfaces we touch before and after we touch them. 

    • Team members will carry disinfectant wipes, and will wipe all surfaces of your home before coming into your house, as well as when exiting your home.
    • Backyard gates will also be disinfected.

    Hand Sanitizer

    Team members will use hand sanitizer before and after each walk /pet sit.

    • Hand sanitizer contains at least 70% alcohol.
    • When possible team members will wash hands for at least 20 seconds.

    Contactless Pickup

    When pet parents are at home we will pick up pets in the backyard to avoid contact with you and your home.

    • We will call or text when we are within 5 minutes from your home to ask that you put your dog outside for our pickup.  We are asking pet parents to put on any equipment required for the walk, including gentle leaders or harnesses.
    • After we complete our service, we'll drop your dog back off in your backyard, and will text or call to let you know we've returned your dog to the yard.
    • If for whatever reason you cannot put your pet outside for our pickup, team members and clients are to maintain a six (6) foot distance from one another. Whenever possible, our team will call the dog's name and have the dog greet the team member at the front door to begin their walk.

    We Bring Leashes

    We will bring our own leash to avoid any contact from our team members to your leash.

    Monitoring Our Health

    Team members will be checking their temperature every morning the day they are scheduled to work.

    • Team members are required to report any symptoms of illness.
    • Team members who have symptoms of acute respiratory illness will be removed from the schedule, and will not return to work until they have been tested for and have negative COVID-19 test results.
    • If a team member tests positive or has been exposed to COVID-19, we will inform our clients of their possible exposure to COVID-19 in the workplace.

    What We Ask of You

    • If you develop symptoms of COVID-19, please let us know ASAP before we come to provide a service.  We will be happy to resume services once you test negative for the virus.  Please note, we are no longer requiring 24 hours to cancel a service should you become sick.  No cancellation fees will apply.
    • If you contract the virus, we will be happy to resume services once the quarantine period is over, and you have had two negative COVID-19 test results. 
    • If you have travelled (in the last 2 weeks) or intend to travel out of Canada please let us know.  We will be happy to provide services once the 2 week quarantine period is up, and you remain symptom-free.
    • Please maintain at least a six foot distance from our team members.

    The Latest Research on COVID-19 and Pets

    At this time, the CDC has no evidence that animals can spread the virus to humans.  The CDC believes COVID-19 may be spread to pets in very few, isolated cases. This has been seen in tigers at the Bronx Zoo, two domestic cats and most recently, a pug. Some of these animals remained asymptomatic while others (one of the cats and some of the large cats at the Bronx Zoo) experienced mild respiratory symptoms and have made a full recovery.

    IDEXX, a leading provider of diagnostic products and services to veterinary practices, has “reviewed over 5,000 specimens submitted to IDEXX Reference Laboratories for respiratory tests of sick cats and dogs in 17 different countries. To date, IDEXX has seen no positive results in pets of SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus strain responsible for the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) respiratory outbreak in humans.”

    At this time, the CDC has no evidence that animals can spread the virus to humans.  To summarize, pets are thought to be at an extremely low risk of catching COVID-19 from their dog\walker or pet sitter. In an abundance of caution, however, team members will avoid face-to-face contact with pets and adhere to the safety precautions listed above. Dogs will never be allowed to socialize with other humans or dogs they come across on their walks.

    Sign Up for Services!

    We're chomping at the bit to be able to see your pets and take them out on some exciting adventures!  Sign up for our services now to ensure your dog can get on our schedule when you go back to work. 

    For new clients we will be conducting complimentary virtual 'meet and greets', so you can get to know us, we can answer all your questions, and meet you and your pet.

    If you have any questions about our services, and to get a quote, please send us an email at info@adventuretails.ca.  You can also learn more at our website www.adventuretails.ca.

    If you're ready to sign up and would like to book a meet-and-greet, CLICK on the link below.  We can't wait to meet you and your furry friend!