Maybe these thoughts sound familiar?

I want to eat healthier, go to the gym, & lose weight.

I want to address anxiety & feel more positive.

I wish I could have FUN on my journey to good health.

Most importantly, I want wellness to be a PART OF MY LIFE & not just one thing I do. But I'm not sure where to start...

If you're nodding YES, this quiz is for you!

The "Balance Quiz" will teach you...

  • the simple changes you can implement to make healthy eating easier
  • an easy technique to address anxiety that rewires your nervous system from the ground up
  • the amazing benefits of creativity as self-care
  • and uncomplicated wisdom that you can implement to become healthier

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Who am I?

Hi! I'm Megan, founder of Mayapple Health. I am an art-based health coach with more than 10 years of experience in healthcare & clinical research. 

I help creatives commit to healthy eating acting, self-care, and positive-thought pratices. 

I help you reach your goals by providing personalized coaching supported by the pillars of effective goal-setting, therapeutic art, & mindfulness-based practices.

The best thing for me was that Megan could relate to my problems. She had down to earth behavior and tone, which made the calls a harmonious experience. Besides this, Megan listens carefully to your wish/problem and offers different solutions and you get to choose the one that suits your life best. She doesn't burden you with a lot of changes at the same time, she gives you small 1-2 changes to follow in your daily life. I have noticed that my stomach feels lighter at night and my sugar cravings are getting small each day.

By Maryum

I went from drinking 5 cups of coffee a day down to 1 cup, and I have two small children Haha! I have implemented her suggestions that are stepping stones to help me move towards achieving my goals. The suggestions were simple enough to incorporate into my daily routine. The best part is how "real" she is! It's like talking to a friend. A genuine person who wants to help you be the best version of yourself.

By Kerri

Megan's calm vibe and kind approach make it easy to explore the areas in your life that need to be examined. Since working with Megan, I have become mindful in my own personal healing. She has helped me recognize where I lack compassion for myself and helped me develop ways to correct my negative self-talk. The best part about working with Megan is her genuine joy and excitement when progress is being made.

By Mimi

And more!


I am certified as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach by the International Association of Health Coches, have a certificate as a Therapeutic Art Life Coach, & a Masters in Microbial Biotechnology. 

With over 10 years of experience in health care & clinical research, my entire career has been built around one question - how can we be healthier & happier versions of ourselves?

In these 10 years, I spent 5 in the clinical laboratory running diagnostic testing & 5 in the clinical research industry designing & interpreting the results of clinical drug studies. 

Now, I'm taking what I've learned & am helping creatives become healthier & happier versions of themselves.

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