The IVF 

Support Bundle

All the Resources You Need to Begin the Process of Overcoming Fertility Overwhelm and Preparing Your Mind and Body for Your Next IVF Cycle.

Constant stress and fertility overwhelm are NOT conducive to getting pregnant.

  • Your subconscious mind can literally give your body the message that IVF and conception are a threat.

  • This sends your nervous system into FIGHT! FLIGHT! FREEZE! overwhelm.

  • You only have to think of trying to conceive or embarking on another IVF cycle and you begin to internally lose your shi**.

And the crazy things is ...

You might not even be aware of it.

Because all of this is happening subconsciously, without you even realising.

Do you want to know what's even crazier? ...

Constant stress and fertility overwhelm can lead to impaired fertility.

That's right. Because your body will ALWAYS prioritise your safety over conception and so will make subtle changes to ensure your chances of pregnancy are DECREASED. It cannot focus on growing a baby if it thinks you need to run away from a scary Bear (the Bear being IVF, obvs).

I see you trying to keep it together.

  • Putting on a 'brave' face.

  • Avoiding certain friends and family.

  • Trying unsuccessfully to enjoy all the things you used to.

  • Secretly breaking down at another pregnancy announcement.

  • Dreading the next social media baby scan picture that pops up.

  • Trying not to imagine a future without children.

  • Trying to cling onto the hope you will be the next social media IVF success story

You've done everything to just 'keep going.'

But it's not enough because you're drowning in the overwhelm and cannot just 'stay positive' as people keep telling you *insert eye roll here*

You are functioning in survival mode because infertility is one of the most traumatic and life changing things a person can ever experience.

None of this is your fault.

Let me show you a new way.

Hiya, I'm Caroline, a Fertility and IVF Mentor/Coach and a certified IVF Warrior after a loooong battle to conceive my son.

  • I used to be angry, ashamed, sad and scared. Like all of the time. Because I couldn't understand why I couldn't get pregnant.

  • I was in an IVF sinkhole, just trudging along, putting all my faith and power into the medics and not doing anything to help myself.

  • I had no idea that the amount of stress I was experiencing may be reducing my chances of conception.

  • I was clueless as to how my anger and shame was disconnecting my body from my mind.

  • No-one had ever told me that the difficult emotions and trauma I was experiencing needed to be released. 

  • I was oblivious to the fact there was another way of living whilst I was on my journey, far away from the hell hole I was currently surviving in. 

And then, after my 3rd unsuccessful IVF cycle it hit me ...

What if my disbelief in ever getting pregnant was in some way contributing to me not getting pregnant?

What if I could work on my mind and body before my next cycle and improve my chances?

So that's exactly what I did ...

After much soul searching, inner work and healing I felt happier than I had in many months and had an unshakeable confidence and optimism about my next cycle of IVF.

That next cycle of IVF resulted in my son. I had NEVER been pregnant before. 

This is what I learnt:

  • Our thoughts and the way we speak to ourself determines how we feel about ourself and subsequently behave.

  • How we think, feel and behave has either a helpful or detrimental impact on our physical, mental and emotional health

  • Our reproductive organs are inherently linked to our nervous system and we can optimise both of their functioning through mind-body healing. 

  • Mind-body healing tools are available for us to use at home, without the need to see a therapist.

  • Mindfulness, breathwork, law of attraction, emotional mastery and subconscious reprogramming are just some of those tools that can heal us and optimise our fertility. 

  • IVF success can be optimised by the mind and body being in their calmest, most functional state.

    Today, I'm sharing the resources you need to prepare you for your next IVF cycle AND be able to handle it all like a boss if things don't go to plan 💫

    What if I told you ...

    • The tools I use can instantly calm your mind and body during times of stress.

    • It is possible to recognise emotional triggers and work through them.

    • You can be the master of your emotions as opposed to the victim.

    • You have the capacity to recognise your physical and emotional needs to support conception.

    • That it's possible to wake up each day with a renewed sense of hope and optimism.

    • That my tools and guidance can support you to handle whatever this sh** show of a journey brings.

    • Once you begin the process of healing you can feel closer than ever to your longed-for child.

    • You can improve your IVF chances without giving all your power away to the medical professionals 

    The IVF Support Bundle can give you this and more. 

    'I could never afford a full coaching programme so these resources are literally a lifeline for me.'

    Rachel, 33

    'These resources were so insightful and useful. I actually could not believe the cost. Thank you Caroline!'

    Carolyn, 39

    'Oh my god, I have learnt so much about myself and the impact my stress was having on my fertility. I'm so calm and ready to embark on my IVF Cycle now'

    Louise, 37

    What do I get?

    Managing Fertility Overwhelm Guided Video - value: £85

    A mini 1:1 coaching session in which you will identify unhelpful thoughts and reframe them into empowering ones. This is a powerful healing tool for emotional mastery and in turn, will help balance your energetic and subtle body, ready for IVF and conception. 

    Breathwork for Fertility Guided Video - value: £85

    Three simple but powerful breathwork exercises for you to use anytime, anywhere. Breathwork supports balancing of your nervous system, hormones and promotes blood flow, vital for growing those follicles and plumping out the endometrial lining. 

    Fertility Affirmations MP3 - value: £47

    Repeat after me the motivating and confidence boosting affirmations contained within this MP3. Affirmations are powerful tools to release you from the negativity, worry and fear surrounding your journey to motherhood and get you in the best possible mindset for your next round of IVF. 

    Mountain Meditation MP3 - value: £47

    The Mountain remains magnificent, strong and unmoved by the changing seasons and forces of life. Imagine having the resilience, strength and determination of the mountain on your fertility journey. Well you can. This meditation will be your guide.

    IVF Daily Journal & Planner - value: £27

    Journaling is a powerful tool to emotionally prepare you for the day ahead and reflect on the day so far. It can change your mindset in an instant. This daily journal and planner not only contains a journal section, but also space for you to write down your affirmations and a reminder of how you will honour your self-care ritual. 

    IVF 6 Day Meal Plan - value: £27

    You know you should be eating fertility friendly foods, preferably 3 months prior to your next round of IVF but it's overwhelming and frankly boring. The IVF 6 Day Meal Plan has a variety of fertility friendly meal options for breakfast, lunch and dinner (or tea as we say 'up North).


    IVF Nutrition Guide by Roots & Shoots Fertility

    All the need to know nutrition advice from qualified nutritionist, Emily Barker, covering what types of foods to eat, what to avoid and what your environment and sleep pattern should look like. 

    Future Self Journal by Dr Nicole LePera

    My favourite self-healing advocate who loves to share her unrestricted wisdom with the world. The future self journal guides you in identifying old patterns that keep you stuck and supports you to form new ones that serve your highest interest. So if you are stuck in unhelpful ways of thinking and acting then this journal is for you. Just imagine who you could be. 

    10% off any of my 1:1 services for a maximum of 5 sessions

    Yep, that's a huge saving. Nothing more to add. 

    Total Value: £400

    Purchase today for the price of a coffee ☕️ in just 2 steps: 

    1. Just click the link below and make a donation

    2. Download the Bundle

    How do I know if the IVF Support Bundle is for me?

    It is for you if any or all of the following apply to you:

    • You are on a fertility journey
    • You are embarking on or currently undertaking IVF/IUI
    • You are feeling emotionally overwhelmed
    • Infertility has taken over your life
    • You feel stuck on your fertility journey
    • You are at a crossroads on your journey
    • You feel scared about the future
    • You are tired of the impact infertility is having on your relationships
    • You want to take back control of your journey
    • You want to feel happy and free again
    • You want a renewed sense of hope about your chances of conception
    • You want to feel and heal

    It is not for you if:

    • You are too busy to make time for yourself.
    • You don't believe in the power of mind-body-soul healing.
    • You are not willing to try. 

    How will the resources help me?

    Each resource has been carefully designed to support you to:

    • Understand the thoughts, feelings and behaviours that are contributing to the overwhelm you are experiencing. 
    • Manage the overwhelm through simple mind-body-soul practices.
    • Reconnect with yourself, those around you and your future baby.
    • Nourish your body from the inside-out.
    • Feel empowered, resilient and hopeful. 

    All in preparation for your next IVF/IUI cycle and beyond. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long do I have access?

    As long as you need it, which is hopefully not long! 

    What formats do the resources come as?

    Downloadable MP3, MP4 and PDF. All are saveable and useable as many times as you like. 

    How will I know how to use them? 

    You are provided with a booklet containing all of the resources, along with a guide.

    How do I redeem my 10% discount off 1:1 Mentoring Sessions?

    As long as you can provide proof of purchase then the discount is all yours, honey.

    What if I don't like it?

    I highly doubt it. However if you're asking about a refund then sorry, as it's a digital product it's yours for life, therefore no refunds.