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Each lesson is easy to understand and includes actionable steps.  Learn the right way to set up Wordpress, how to drive traffic to your blog with SEO and Pinterest, and learn the popular ways blogs make money.

This 5-day Course is for you if:

  • You are new to blogging or if you've never started a blog before
  • You're interested in starting a new blog, but are not sure how to get started
  • You've tried blogging on a free platform without much success
  • You're looking for a complete beginners guide to starting a blog
  • You're interested in making money blogging

What you'll learn in this FREE course

  • Day 1: Setting up hosting, platform and theme
  • Day 2: Social Media and how it can make you money
  • Day 3: Affiliate Marketing
  • Day 4: More ways to monetize your blog
  • Day 5: Building traffic to make more money

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