Do you want to live the life you love?

Learn how to create the life you love with this Mini Dream Life Workbook.

Does this sound like you?

You have an idea about your dream life, but don’t know how to start your journey.

Your tired of working towards a goal which doesn’t reflect your purpose in life for right now.

You’ve completed many worksheets and courses about to design your dream life, but your goals end up falling through.

What does the Mini Dream Life Workbook include?

This workbook includes the following worksheets:

  • Challenge your negative mindset.
  • Discover your true purpose.
  • Write your Anti-Vision.
  • Vision your Dream Life.
  • Set goals to move further towards your Dream Life.

A Little Bit About Me...

Before I started pursuing my blogging career, I was someone who didn’t believe that I was worthy of living the life I love. Because of this mindset, it led to me becoming less confident in my abilities and ideas.

It wasn’t until I watched and read books about personal development, mindset and manifestation when I learnt valuable tips which allowed me to create and move further towards the dream life I wanted to live.

That’s why I wanted to create a workbook for other inquisitive women who want to create and live the life they love. And this workbook will do just that, to help you learn valuable tips to move further towards the life you love.