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Clean and excellent fantasy mystery for all ages


To any readers who've enjoyed J.R.R. Tolkien, Anne McCaffery, or George R.R. Martin: You just may find this little story tasty.


Cats, but not as you know them. A truly riveting adventure.

Mr. C. A. Meade

About the author

Virginia Ripple

My name is Virginia Ripple and I’m the Indie Author of the Master Cat and War of the Malkin series, devoted mom and wife, #catlover, #avidreader & #bookworm. I sometimes wonder if my kindle will explode with the number of books I have loaded on it. I’ve loved reading and telling stories since I could hold a crayon, and I was adopted by a clowder of cats when I was just a little girl living in a sleepy Midwestern town. Is it any wonder I believe in magical talking cats…?