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As a special  thanks for being here, I'm giving away my latest Smoothie Recipe e-Book packed full of delicious healthy smoothie ideas.   

With this fabulous book you'll no longer struggle for inspiration in creating colourful, tasty and unbelievably healthy smoothies again. 

Why Smoothies?

During pregnancy we know the importance of ensuring we eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, to ensure we get our daily dose of vitamins.  

By adding the right level of ingredients to our smoothies, we can make them a part of our daily ritual - the beauty of a smoothie is you can have it for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner when its incorporated with a healthy balanced meal.  

The best bit about a home made smoothie is that you know exactly what goes into the mix. No more guessing how much rubbish is added or finding hidden sugars to make it taste better. These smoothies all taste amazing just as they are.  

Eat the Rainbow

There’s a reason we say eat the rainbow. More often than not we end up eating the same fruit and veg over and over meaning we don’t get a full range of colours.

Phytonutrients are the chemical compounds produced by plants and vegetables that give them their rich colour and they do this to protect themselves and ward off predators.

Phytonutrients are packed full of powerful antioxidants and the aim is to get a broad range across the colour spectrum.
Eating them raw when it’s safe to do so, not over cooking and eating the skin and outside (again where it’s possible and safe to do so ) is the BEST way to ensure we are getting those crucial phytonutrients.

As well as the upside of getting our daily dose of vitamins and minerals by eating a wide range of fruit and veg in our smoothies, we also get the added benefits of phytonutrients with their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

They may also enhance our immunity levels whilst also repairing damage to our bodies from exposure to toxins. Beetroot is a great example of this: as it detoxes the liver and when our liver is functioning well our body is better equipped to balance our hormones, cholesterol and energy levels.

Phytonutrient rich foods Across the colour spectrum of red, orange & yellow includes tomatoes , carrots , peppers, squash, sweet potatoes, peaches, mangos, melons, citrus fruits, and berries) Dark green leafy vegetables (such as spinach, kale, bok choy, broccoli, Swiss chard, and romaine lettuce are all perfect additions to your smoothie

Enjoy as many gorgeous delicious colours that you can.

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