A 16 week transformational program that helps you to:

Break the cycle. Heal your heart. Call in Mr. Right

Are you ready to rise up, accept your worthiness and call in a loving a relationship that's intimate, soulful, and beautiful?

That's exactly what this program will do for you!

This "Becoming Ms. Right" immersion course is designed to upgrade your love life and evolve you in matters of the heart.

You want a man who treats you like the Queen you are....

But that's not what's happening.

In the last several years you've experienced:

  • Being cheated on and left feeling like you’re not enough.
  • A series of short term relationships
  • Repeating patterns in your life such as abandonment, rejection, abuse, and betrayal.
  • Being hooked on unavailable men (emotionally or physically) That means men who don’t spend time with you, that are always busy, emotionally don’t connect, or that are already involved.

What if you could turn all that around in weeks?


Attracts a partner who loves to laugh and enjoys date night with you.

Is loved and cared for by someone who sees you for who you truly are and adores your quarks (loves your freckles or that you snort when you laugh)

Has a man that is there for you, doesn’t play games, and he’s someone you can trust.

Is whole, healed and free from the weight of your past

This 16-week immersion is for you if....

>> You’re tired of attracting unhealthy relationships and you're now ready to experience a love that is beautiful

>> You’re done trying to figure it out on your own, you're ready to invest in your transformation and have me as your mentor and guide.

>> You have wounding with either of your parents that play out in your relationships and you're ready release and let go once and for all

>> You see a pattern of abandonment, rejection, betrayal or abuse showing up in past relationships and recognize that now is the time to eliminate this

>> You're ready to step into your power as a Goddess AND CALL IN LOVE!


This course is designed to take you through my 8-step process of Becoming Ms. right. 

This means becoming the woman who is healed, whole, has an open, forgiving heart so that she can attract and sustain a healthy loving relationship with her Mr. Right.

The course includes:

16 Private weekly coaching &  energy healing sessions

Unlimited message and email coaching

Weekly soul work to heal and expand into love

8 video modules delivered over the course of 16 weeks

Here's a sneak peek into the modules...

Module 1: Becoming Soulfully Intentional. 

In this module you’ll become crystal clear about your highest vision for love your life and this program

You may have an idea of what it is that you want to create in your love life. But it’s much more powerful and magnetic to align with your souls intention for love.

Module 2: Becoming Uncluttered

In this module you’ll learn to declutter your heart & mind.

Over the next several weeks we’re creating space in your heart for love by

putting your past to rest, healing your mother/father wound, releasing toxic ties

We’re breaking the cycle of unhealthy relationships and recalibrating your vibration to an energy that allows you finally receive the pure, healthy love that your soul craves.

Module 3: Becoming Your Soul Self

In this module we’re cultivating soulful self-love, by connecting with your inner child, and increasing your self worth.

The foundation for pure, healthy love starts with deep self-love. You cannot truly love another if your personal well of self-love is dry.

This module also teaches you to follow your inner wisdom, how to stand in your power as a Goddess instead of loving and living from the wounded child.

Module 4: Becoming Unshakable 

In this module were cultivating unshakable belief in the purity of love and sacredness in relationships.

If our thoughts and beliefs create our reality and you’re still single then there’s a sneaky covert belief hiding deep underneath the surface.

We are going to bring those beliefs to the surface and bust them so that your unconscious beliefs are in alignment with your desires.

Module 5: Becoming Love

In this module, we are expanding your heart. You don’t attract what you want, you attract what you are. So you will learn to become love, strengthen your unconditional love muscle, and cultivate a daily practice soulful gratitude.

Module 6: Becoming the Vision

In this module we’re creating a vision of love that inspires, excites, and ignites your passion. When your passion energy is ignited your manifestation energy is amplified.

You’ll also learn my 7 Step love manifestation process, how to use your sensual magic to magnify and intensify the energy behind your desire.

Module 7. Becoming Divinely Detached

In this module we’re learning how to give the vision over the Universe, letting it go, while still holding the vision in heart.

This is an actual art and you’ll learn how to master this mindset.

Module 8. Becoming Ms. Right. Graduation ceremony

In this module you’ll learn how to align your life with the future version of yourself that is already in love, happy, and making healthier choices in all areas of life.

You’ll also learn the committed soul technique that helps you live today as the woman who’s already in a committed relationship.

Lastly how take daily love action with your new vibration plus all this information you learned over 16 weeks to continuously send out the soul call to your divine love.

    I'm Essence Turner, Your Spiritual Life Coach and Love Mentor

    This is the program that I wish I had when I was on the journey of manifesting of love.

    It took me years to heal my father wounds, cultivate self-love, open my heart and manifest love but it won't take you that long.

    This course encompasses my personal experience of spiritual growth, manifesting-love, working with clients, as well as the training I received as a Radical Forgiveness Coach, Shamanic Practitioner,  Reiki  & Chakra Healer.

    I've poured my heart & Soul into this course so that you can have a clear path to clearing your blocks, healing your heart, loving yourself so that you can have a relationship that is beyond your wildest dreams. 

    I was able to take these steps and go from dating unavailable men to falling in love with my life partner. I never thought I'd be lucky enough to have a man love me the way he loves me. 

    Your true love is out there and all you have to do clear the path and align your heart with his!

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    And then if it’s a good fit for both of us we'll discuss how to move forward with together on the Becoming Ms. Right 12-Week Program.

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