Delaware County, PA Intellectual Property Forum

Gerry Elman to explain the intricacies of Trade Secrets and NDA's via Webinar April 10, noon -- 1:00 PM

  • Companies generally have records of their intellectual property (“IP”) in the categories of patent, trademark, and copyright. But most overlook the value of information that would qualify for protection as trade secrets. Because trade secrets don’t get registered with a government agency, they’re the red-headed stepchild in the IP family. Yet when your company assesses and documents its trade secrets, you enhance their protection against misappropriation by domestic and foreign bad guys.
  • Feel more confident when you’re presented with a Non-Disclosure Agreement to sign. And learn how to get the benefit of trade secret protection not only under longstanding state law, but also under a comparatively new federal statute – the Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2016.

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