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Caterpillar Crunches

Do you feel stuck? Do you feel like no matter how hard you try you just cannot move forward? Do you feel like the Universe hates you? Are you trying to understand and utilize the Law of Attraction but can't seem to make it work for you?

Welcome to Caterpillar Crunches

Simply shuffle the cards and pick one each day. Follow the prompts and you're off to a great morning! 


Mandie Cleary

I am a mom of 4 humans, 3 kitties, and 1 husband. I hail from Cleveland, Ohio and am a creator.

I run a blog on Side Hustles where I showcase unique ideas that one can do to make extra money or turn into a full-time business.

I am also a student of and a speaker on the Law of attraction. I created a free mini-course on manifesting abundance as well as daily mindset cards to open the mind and create the daily habit of positive thinking.

I enjoy gaming, reading, blogging and spending time with my family.

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