Tried Everything and Still Not Losing Weight? 

Try This ....

An Inner Circle that's determined NOT TO LET YOU QUIT ON YOURSELF! 
Women in your corner 24/7, for 365 days of the year.


Now that stay at home orders are being issued,

Gyms are closing,

And everyone is staying home...

I want to make sure you have support to get moving at home!

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Hey Lovely,

If you’d like to ditch the cycle of being on again, and off again the “diet train”.

If you’d like to wave a good bye to the diet cultures distracting, flashy, fluffy, just-another-fad chasing program or pill or plan...

And, if you’d like to surround yourself with a tribe of women creating lasting and sustainable change for health and happiness focused on YOU and your needs, your resources, your desires...because you’re not a “one-size-fits-all” girl...

Then I’m going to give you the only I can think of to help you do exactly that, so that you can nail down exactly why every diet and weight loss program, ever digital download, every workout pinned on Pinterest hasn’t worked for you.

Because here’s the thing, you’ll be working on yourself...

With built in accountability,

And a way to be massively consistent,

Full of confidence & self-control,

And finally free from all the shame,

And doubt,


that holds you back. That’s held you back for way too long!

Even better, I’m going to show you how to use the same methods of training and mental toughness that I used to go from broken (hey, childhood trauma will do that to a girl) to badass (yep, badass-like elite athlete level, world qualifying powerlifting status!) as we get to know each other inside the Overcomers Inner Circle-more on that soon!

I’ll show you how to avoid failure, and self sabotage, and emotional overwhelm and help you uncover the exact healthy lifestyle formula that works for you-long term. Quick fixes, and short term results are out. Lasting lifestyle changes are IN, inside the Inner Circle.

That way you can go from desperately trying to put all the pieces together, like:

  • What to eat
  • When to eat
  • What workout program to use
  • When to workout
  • How to stay motivated
  • How to stay hydrate
  • Who to ask for help
  • When to get help
  • How to make it a habit
  • How to break “bad” habits
  • What are macros
  • Do you do keto
  • What about crossfit
  • Or yoga
  • Or HITT
  • Or get a trainer
  • Or a coach
  • How many days a week should you workout
  • How many days should you do cardio
  • Or weights
  • Or rest
  • Or stretch
  • And what about Holidays
  • Or family
  • Who will support you
  • How do you ignore the “are you on a diet” critics
  • Or your Nana pushing that warm pumpkin pie

    ...seriously, there are so SO many pieces here you keep desperately trying to fit together to finally have it all make sense!!!

    So let’s stop trying to put it all together-half those pieces don’t even belong in the same puzzle!

    ...and let’s start to focus on YOU, finally being pieced back together. Feeling wholly and fully alive. Thriving, not just surviving.

    First, You’ve got to know- NOW is the right time for you to do this.



    Because here’s the truth…

    Every time you “try” a new diet,

    Every time you fail another program,

    Every time you quit,

    You give up,

    You get distracted,

    Or busy,

    Or lose motivation,

    You solidify, possibly even validate, that story you keep telling yourself -the one where you say…

    “I can’t do this”

    Or, “its too hard”

    Or, “I’m never going to ____”

    Every time you fail, and say those things, you PROVE them.

    And when you do,

    Your brain does this magnificent thing,

    It begins to get more efficient at it! More efficient at failure, at giving up...

    It’s the brain's default to do things better, and faster, and more efficiently each time you do them.

    And so every time you quit, or give up, or fail, or repeat those self-sabotaging stories you keep telling yourself -your brain codes those in the subconscious, and programs you to be better at them.

    And that really, really sucks!

    Pretty crazy, right?

    It’s a huge problem and that’s why I know that NOW is the time for you to get yourself pieced back together, get focused on reprogramming yourself as an Overcomer, and start teaching your brain (and your body) how to get more efficient at the things that are actually helping you!

    Together, we’ll work out all the details and I’ll share

    My strategies

    My tools

    And my no-fail model for showing up for yourself, BIG TIME!

    Here’s How The Overcomers Inner Circle Is Going To Help You Transform Yourself Into A Healthy, Happy Woman…

    On autopilot (that moment when your brain takes over, and habit kicks in!)

    There are 3 key strategies I use to help you do that…

    Step 1: Unlocking The True Change Formula Is Rooted In You Understanding Yourself

    DO you know yourself,

    Are you tuning into what triggers you,

    Or causes you to eat emotionally?

    What about bodily activations and sensations,

    and where are they showing up throughout your body?

    What exactly is the root cause of your weight gain?

    Can you recite the unhelpful stories you keep repeating,

    Over and over and over inside your head?

    ….am I scratching a nerve?

    I hope so, because this is just scratching the surface.

    Step 2. Create Your Own Powerful Formula For Sustainable Health and Happiness know, the kind of sustainable change that doesn’t have you chasing yet another weight loss program,

    Or following another fad diet,

    Or falling for some celebrity endorsement product that’s no better than paying for an overly expensive poo!

    “WHAT?? Never diet again.

    Never have to shop for another workout program?

    ...that sounds crazy, Katie!

    I haven’t even been consistent drinking water”

    I know it sounds crazy, and practically impossible.

    But it’s not. This works!

    My methods tend to feel a little mundane at first,

    While we’re getting your subconscious back online.

    ..and while we’re reprogramming the story you keep telling yourself,

    And while we’re tallying up the wins,

    And victories,

    And weight loss,

    And strength gains,

    And celebrating the confident you that keeps showing up and loving herself,

    Each day more than the last.

    Because your need for others to “understand” you isn’t nearly as important now,

    As your need to understand yourself.

    In this step you’ll be mapping out “You 2.0”

    Because You 2.0….

    Sets BIGGER goals,

    Says no when she needs too

    Let’s go of being the victim

    Takes responsibility

    Is learning how to regulate her emotions

    And is REALLY good at Self-Love

    ...because you finally understand how

    Healthy eating

    Daily movement

    Mind Design

    And making yourself a priority

    ...are all really different forms of self-love in disguise.

    Step 3: Creating Lasting Health and Happiness As A Self-Empowered Master of Change

    And the way we do this is super simple…

    Most people spend way too much time trying to stick to complicated systems

    Or meticulously tracking every calorie

    And it’s time consuming as much as it is overwhelming

    ...and I don’t think it's even necessary!

    Why anyone wants to spend that much time and energy

    Worrying about the little things and overcomplicating something that's actually really simple…is beyond me.

    It’s expensive,

    And time consuming,

    And maddening,

    And the results *usually* aren’t the stellar transformation you’d just spend months and hours of your time trying to accomplish.

    ...oh, and you failed-so the brain will be sure to tally that up, again : (

    I wasted hundreds of hours,

    Thousands of dollars,

    And lost so much time I could have spent with my family,

    And missed out on enjoying special occasions…

    Until I discovered the power of doing things differently.

    And I’ll show you, exactly what I mean.

    I know, I don’t have the time (or the dexterity) to go through it all with you now (you’ll get me one-on-one during office hours to do that the moment you jump in…)

    But, what I will say is this will be the fastest, easiest (maybe hard at first-I won’t deny that), and in the long run-even the CHEAPEST way to reach this level of self-mastery for your health and fitness.

    But before I share all the details about the Overcomers Inner Circle-I want to tell you about some BONUSES available now!

    Let’s take a quick look at the free bonuses available now, that are going to accelerate your results…

    BONUS #1 The Ultimate Female Workout Bundle (Valued at $197)

    Want to have your workouts planned for you?

    Scheduled, and even set up to remind you what you’ll do today?

    ...and what about a way to rewrite that “story”

    Every workout tracked is another tally for success!

    So track, tally, and transform.

    This workout bundle is includes:

    My 12 week Female Muscle Gain Program

    My 12 week Female Fat Loss Program


    My 12 week Female Booty Builder Program

    Every week is scheduled, and all of it can be completely tailored for you!

    So when you join me as a member inside the Overcomers Inner Circle you’ll also get these workout programs, preloaded on the exact app I use for my VIP clients, valued at $197-You get it FREE!

    Pretty awesome, right?

    Next, you’re also getting…

    BONUS #2 My 21 Day Mind/Body/Soul RESET Program

    When you sign up for this 21-day program, you get:

    Completely RESET your life in just 21 Days!

    This program is packed with 21 days of intense mindset, metabolism and movement work to get you on-track, FAST!

    You’ll go through Mindful Cleansing,

    which focuses on clearing out old patterns and creating new life-changing habits to transform you from the inside out.

    Then the program digs in to your Wholesome Body,

    Where the core foundation of resetting your life and fueling it with the proper nutrition

    After that you’ll learn all about Soul Nourishment,

    A soul-healing roadmap to a whole new, deeper level to renew your life completely.

    And you’ll wrap up your 21 Day RESET with a BONUS Guide of Healthy, Lasting Rituals,

    For lasting results…

    Because we know the journey doesn’t end there!

    Plus, Recipe Guides (Omnivore and Vegan versions)

    Suggested meals and shopping lists

    And 7 helpful handouts!

    This 21 Day RESET is a favorite with my clients!

    Some of them have used it over and over again…

    This bonus is valued at $147, but it’s yours free as an Overcomer!

    With that being said…

    Here’s the “catch” I know

    you’ve been waiting for

    Because I know you're probably wondering…

    “This all sounds so amazing, Katie, and I’m totally interested!

    But there’s just one more question I have left...

    What’s the cost if you’re willing to hand over valuable bonus content to me, for free?”

    It’s a great question.

    And the truth is…

    It’s simple.

    I’m Doing This As a Shame-Free “No Brainer” Bribe To Join Me Inside The Overcomers Inner Circle

    What’s the Overcomers Inner Circle?

    Allow me to explain!

    The Overcomers Inner Circle is an exclusive community unlike any you’ve ever experienced before…

    Inside you’ll meet women from all over. All, also invested in themselves, and on their way to creating lasting health and happiness that will not only impact the quality of their life, but the lives around them as well.

    And, they’ve jumped into my Inner Circle to connect, to share, and most importantly…

    Because they also want a guaranteed way out off the diet culture merry-go-round,

    And a clear direction of success.


    They want access to me, every week, so that they can get the support and feedback they need to in order to maintain the results and consistency they are building as they become the healthiest version of themselves.

    And, to be certain that what they are doing is what they should be doing to achieve the level of self-mastery necessary to create lasting health and happiness they desire.

    BOTTOM LINE: You get access to me, my team to ask ANY and all the questions so you got the experts in your corner-helping you design a life of lasting health and increased happiness.

    And so we can make sure you get the continued support you need to succeed as you create your own personal formula for lasting health and happiness (and yea, self-healing happens too) so that you never have to go hunting for another program that doesn’t work again!

    Seriously, just ask and we’ll be there to help!

    Oh, by the way...

    I'm Katie, Founder of the Live Happy On Purpose Project, Health and Fitness Expert, Certified Coach Practitioner and well you get the point... I've got a passion for this!

    Which is why I created the Overcomer's Inner Circle!

    The Inner Circle is one of the most remarkable places for you to be if you have goals to lose fat, live a healthier lifestyle, and learn how to love yourself again. 

    I designed this group because I never want you to feel like you are alone along the way to creating a healthier lifestyle, finding more joy in your life and ultimately becoming a master of self-love and personal healing. 

    I am sick of the health and fitness industry letting you slip through the cracks and get trapped in the yo-you dieting that pads their pocket books!

    I know the difference support and accountability can make for women and I believe that too often the weight loss industry’s profiteering one-size-fits-all programs fail us, we don't fail them. They are designed for you to fail, to need another program, for you to fail again...and for you to keep forking out more and more money.

    Year after year...

    And I won't stand by and let that be your future any longer.

    I do this work because I want to help you build healthy lifestyles from a foundation of self love that creates higher self-confidence so that you begin to trust in yourself and own your power to become the health and happy woman they've always wanted to be!

    I want to build you up to be so confident and self-assured that you will never feel like you are the kind of woman that needs to be on a diet, ever again. 

    I want you to become so full of self-love that you become the woman that eats to honor her body and has a positive relationship with food, that you become the woman that challenges her body to adapt and conquer, that you see your beauty and value and ability to change your life, and to change the world.

    So Let Me Ask You…

    What could you do if you had access to an experienced coach who's worked with 100s of women for fat loss success?

    What insights will you get when you have a mentor who’s spent over 5,000 hours coaching women just like you?

    I’m hoping you’ll say that’s pretty valuable in and of itself.

    Well, guess what.

    The Overcomers Inner Circle isn’t just about getting my expert support.

    Yep, I’m bringing in masterminds and gurus from my elite network of fellow coaches to share their knowledge with you too!

    The moment you join everything changes.

    First: Your going to get a personal blueprint call with me to make sure you’re all set up for success,

    And all your questions are answered as you step inside The Overcomers Inner Circle

    So to make that happen, I’m going to open up time on my calendar to speak with you right away!

    Because now that you’re an Overcomer in our Inner Circle-

    Everything changes!

    Your clarity on what you should be doing changes

    Your confidence in yourself and your next steps changes

    Your enthusiasm for the future changes

    And, of course, the speed and degree of your success changes, too!

    Second: You’ll be welcomed into our community with open arms…

    This is where you’ll be able to interact with me, my team, and this community of amazing women Overcomers.

    And where you’ll be able to ask questions about anything you’re stuck with on a daily basis.

    So if you’re stuck with a lesson, or how to join a call, or you simply have a question about what you’re currently doing-you’ll have the answers you need fast from women surrounding you with support!

    Like I said, this is not like any other coaching program you’ve experienced before.


    But first, a warning!

    Inside the Inner Circle is for doers-action takers! Not the wishers and the dreamers.

    We don't make excuses.

    We don't complain.

    We don't even do complicated things!

    Overcomer's in the Inner Circle aren't tempted by the easy road, or new trends or diet fads.

    Heck, we're not even gullible enough to fall for celebrity endorsed fluffy fitness hacks that steal our focus.

    And we don't believe in giving up.

    And no, this is NOT about teaching you 1001 different and new strategies and then saying “good luck!”

    The Overcomer’s Inner Circle is about overcoming all the obstacles (inner and outer) to get you results, remember!

    Third: I'll be unlocking new modules in your membership portal for you every month!

    You’ll get to focus on one thing, each month that will continue to build from the foundation up to produce amazing results for you.

    That way, you can just learn and do what works.

    No guessing.

    No starting from scratch.

    Just tweak what you need to fit your own life, and DO IT.

    Now, imagine for a minute…

    You complete one new module (around healthy lifestyle, mental toughness, nutrition, etc) each month and see progress immediately…

    You continue to complete one module each month for an entire year..

    And guess what happens?

    You just hacked your subconscious, rewrote old habits and created a machine of healthy lifestyle habits that practically run on autopilot.

    You changed course, and transformed your thoughts and your actions,

    and got your brain on board to make them more efficient, more natural and now your health isn’t a struggle-it's easy!

    This is exactly why I’ve designed this program the way it is…

    And why it’s different to anything else out there…

    It's not to overwhelm you with more fluff and gimmicks,

    and a stockpile of powders, programs, and plans collected in a binder you don’t use…

    It’s to take you by the hand,

    give you only what you need when you need it,

    And help you become the healthiest and happiest version of yourself.

    And then the fourth thing you get… (I think that’s what we’re up to!)

    Two Live Catch Up Calls Each Month

    It’s to answer any questions you have about our monthly coursework…

    Plus, update you on any major changes online… (Social Media platforms change so rapidly)

    My ladies love these calls because it gives them another level of access to me,

    Plus a layer of accountability for them,

    AND a way to send that message to good ole “brain” that you’re showing up for YOU..

    and you’re not quitting this time!

    These calls are there to keep you one track and moving forward.

    Need a little motivation this week? Jump on a call.

    Got a question? Jump on a call.

    ...and if you miss the call?

    No sweat.

    Calls are recorded and uploaded to your member portal so that you can view them anytime at your convenience.

    Sixth… I think. LOL..

    Ah, shucks… I think I lost count.

    Let’s just recap and make sure you know

    Everything You’re Getting When You Join Me Inside The Overcomer’s Inner Circle...

    The Inner Circle Member Portal- Where you'll get new courses unlocked every month

    Live Coaching Office Hours- Where you'll get to chat with me live, every week

    Virtual Accountability Q&A Calls- Where we'll all meet up and I’ll be answering all your burning questions, twice per month

    Monthly Workshops- Where we'll deep dive into high-level learning with expert level coaches each month

    Unlocked Access to the “Coach Katie”- Where you'll have unlimited access to training programs, tracking tools, and more

    Exclusive Inner Circle Accountability Social Network- Where we'll all hang out on social media and share wins, ask for help, and connect

    ...and an Advocate Driven Community- Because we know the importance of our actions to make an impact in this world

    That’s a good bit of value, right?

    ...if you were to pay for this all separately, you'd be spending over $40,000!

    But I'm not asking you to invest anywhere near that, today.

    In fact...

    Your Investment is going to be just a small fraction of that!

    Here's the deal...

    For Christmas this year I've decided to create a super special way for you to get everything I mentioned above at an incredibly low investment in yourself.

    So low, you'll probably think I'm crazy ;-)

    If you're one of the decision makers...

    someone who knows it's time to take action and do this now and you're one of the first to jump in...

    You're not going to pay $5,000 (which would still be a screaming deal)

    Not even $2500!!

    You can get into the Inner Circle at just...


    That's a HUGE savings!

    And yes, you can cancel at any time.

    OH! ...but I do love it when a woman decides to go all in,

    When you take the option off the table to quit or give up!

    So if that's you, I want to reward that kind of determination.

    If you're all in, for a FULL YEAR of absolute personal transformation,

    and you choose to pay in-full, up front...

    I've got added BONUSES for you when you commit to YOU for a full year!

    As a virtual celebration of your commitment to yourself I want to also gift you with:

    A SECOND COMPLIMENTARY BLUEPRINT Coaching Session with me to use anytime within the year you join-That’s one when you begin as part of your program, and another to use when you need it!! ($225 value)

    And 2 MONTHS FREE!
    Join the Overcomer's Inner Circle, NOW for just $1997/yr!!

    Here are the basic requirements you'll need to meet:

    You need to be willing to listen and respect our advice.

    If you're the type of person who thinks you have a problem no one can solve, this won't be a good fit for you or Katie. You must be ready to take responsibility and hear the truth.

    Also, we have a strict "nice people only" policy.

    If you've got an attitude, ego, or feel entitled to whine and complain about anything and everything, then this is not the right group for you. Life is too short to work alongside women not willing to overcome challenges without bringing others down with them.

    The Overcomers Inner Circle is a collective of health, happiness and self-healing seeking women who have cut the hoping, wishing, wanting and playing small...and have embraced long term consistent action and "overcoming"!

    However, I’m hoping that the value and results you get will blow you away so much…

    You’ll want to stay inside The Overcomers Inner Circle ongoingly! :-)

    With that being said…

    If you’re ready to Live Happy On Purpose then join me inside the Overcomers Inner Circle

    Well, that’s it.

    As I mentioned, if you wake up tomorrow morning…

    This offer might not be here anymore…

    So if you’re ready to get started…

    Click the button below, claim your spot before someone else takes the last space available, and you’ll be able to get inside access immediately.

    I cannot wait to see you inside!!!!!


    Katie Bielefeld

    PS. You might also be wondering…

    “Who else has worked with Katie..”


    “Is this really what I need now?”


    “Am I really getting something special here? Or is this just another program that’s all promises and no delivery?”

    If any or all of these concerns are going through your head…

    I’d Like To Share With You Just a Few Of The Most Recent Success Stories Clients Have Submitted…

    "I want to build women up, so powerfully self-assured and confident that they will never again be the kind of woman that feels like she needs a diet, ever again."

    -Coach Katie, Founder of Live Happy On Purpose

    Not sure if this Inner Circle is for you?

    Let's chat! I'm happy to jump on the phone or a zoom and answer all your burning questions.

    Overcomers Inner Circle's FAQ’s

    1) Why a whole year?

    I have found that when people commit to doing something for an extended period of time, they get way lasting results-habits actually change, the stories you tell yourself change, and you can work through all of life challenges fully supported during every new challenge and event that comes up in your life.. And from coaching hundreds of women and watching the changes that can occur over a year, instead of 4 weeks or 3 months- a year is a great amount of time to see some real changes taking place, as long as you consistently show up (and have fun!).

    2) What do I do if I want to continue my membership?

    No worries! Your payment will recur every year unless you cancel (which you can do at any time before it’s processed again, in order to not have your payment recur the next round). If you choose not to continue your membership, all you will need to do is opt out 30 days before your next payment cycle. If you forget to cancel and your payment goes through, you will not receive a refund so make sure you mark your calendars when your payment cycle is going to recur.

    3) You talk a lot about lifting at Live Happy On Purpose. Do I need to be a lifter or going to the gym to get the most out of the Overcomers Inner Circle?

    Nope! The Overcomers Inner Circle is for anyone who wants to live a healthier life. And for a lot of my clients…becoming a lifter and going to the gym is a part of that. But not everyone in the group is a gym girl or powerlifter. You’ll be in great company. We don’t do required workout programs here-we do however learn to create personal workout programs for your body and your goals!

    4) What if I want a refund?

    We have a 30 Day Cancellation Policy... absolutely no locked-in contracts! No hard feelings, no questions asked. Just email with 30 days notice and we will cancel your membership for you. If you do decide to join Overcomers Inner Circle, it will likely change your health and life forever.

    5) Is this a “course?” And if so, how long does it go for?

    This is not a traditional course in that it doesn’t have an official start or end date. The Overcomers Inner Circle is an ongoing tribe. You can stay for as long or as short as you’d like and it feels right for you.

    6) Will I get one on one attention?

    Yes!! But only if you show up to the opportunities provided for you to get it. As with anything in life, you get out what you put in. If you want personal attention, the best way to do that is show up on the coaching calls and office hours, and be very active in the private group community. We make it really easy to get one-on-one help, either in the live coaching calls, or during office hours (and we also provide a place where you can ask a specific question even if you can’t make those times-inside your Member Portal). In addition to that…fellow Overcomers are incredibly helpful. So you’ll have plenty of opportunity to get help if you reach out and ask for it.

    7) How will it really help me live my best life?

    Live Happy On Purpose is unique in that it is a wealth of opportunities and resources to have everything you might need to make a major change in your life…but you have to work it in order for it to work. Which means participating in the opportunities provided you, doing the exercises, putting what you learn into practice, and being active in the group.

    Our team is dedicated to helping learn to live healthier and happier, which is why we have designed this program as it is so that you have everything you need, plus the support, so you never quit another program-ever. again. So all that is to say….if you want change in your life and you’re willing to chat about it with us, you will have all the tools you need to make major healthy changes in your life.

    8) What am I actually going to get out of the Inner Circle? What’s in it for me?

    Other than the opportunity to get top notch coaching from me and other seasoned health and fitness experts like me, at the top of their game (for a seriously affordable price that you’ll find nowhere else on the planet), unmatched support and accountability, a community that is there for you 24/7, free resources and tools to make your life better, new learning modules that open for you monthly, and everything you need to design your own healthier lifestyle- from workout programming support to nutrition planning stragies to self-love and routines and everything in between.

    Some specific results women credit to the work they’ve done with Katie include:

    (but definitely not limited to):

    Losing fat

    Quitting smoking

    Running a ½ marathon

    Fitting in an airplane seat without the extension belt

    Feeling confident in a bathing suit

    Improvements in mental and emotional health

    Self control

    Learning how to be happy

    Feeling more focused and intentional about healthy

    lifestyle changes

    Not letting “baggage” hold them back

    Reducing or even eliminating the need for prescription medications

    (please work with your doctor!)

    Confidence in themselves

    Lasting routines created from new healthy habits

    Deeper understanding of self

    Excitement and a sense of purpose for the future

    Belonging, finding connection and feeling connected

    Competing because they saw their own power and strength

    Feeling more a sense of community and friendship than they have 

    anywhere else

    Pursing their own dreams of bringing their new love of healthy living to

    the world

    Basically… if you show up in the group and reach out for help when you need it and use the resources available, I believe 100% that you WILL get results.

    9) If you have all the answers to my problems, why make this a 4-6 week course? Why is it ongoing?

    Because life does not happen in a 4-6 week period. Life happens constantly. And even the most smart, educated, aware, enlightened people need to be reminded of what they know. They need to PRACTICE what they learn. And the Overcomers Inner Circle is a place to do that in an environment that’s fun and encouraging. It's women lifting women to our highest selves.

    Also…I’ve taken courses. And they’re amazing. But what happens is that when the courses end, I go back to my same old habits. The Overcomers Inner Circle is a way to stay accountable to what you want, and have all the resources you need to stay on track. It’s like the daily focused and scheduled practice for your life…the most important part is to keep showing up and if you do, amazing things will happen.

    Big Love,