Quantum Energy Clearing Process

What if you had the courage to follow your heart's desire and had the Self compassion to free yourself from all your stored emotions?

How would your life look if you truly released all the energy of your past?

What is the Quantum Energy Clearing Process?

This Process is a powerful energetic experience, it is an experience across time, space, dimensions and lifetimes. Once you have gone through this whole process you are in a new place, in time and space to move forward from a new start point into a more connected way of living.

The Quantum Energy Clearing Process includes energy clearing of 22 energy centres in the body and outside the body, muscle testing for stuck energy around emotional frequencies, and then energetically clearing them once and for all.

Over 22 weeks we spend up to 60 minutes chatting about the energy centre, doing the muscle testing, using emotional release points, energy healing and breath you will be guided to release all you need to. You will then be given one small process to do daily for the 7 days to integrate the release.

This Process is here to show you that You are free to make your own choices that align with your energy. You get to respond to everything that happens in your life in a heart centred way that leaves you feeling uplifted and energised. 

I have space for 6 people to start this process, which we will do over 6 months. To grab one of these places you can book a call below. 

QECP is a 6 month 1-1 guidance process where you will:

  • Discover the energy centres within the body
  • Explore the emotions and energy that runs through these centres
  • Come to an innerstanding of how these energies affect you
  • Clear the stored energy of these emotions and energies across time and space at a quantum level

Who is it for?

  • QECP is for you if you have a desire to explore your past and how the events have created your now
  • If you feel ready to release this past and step into your now with a clear field
  • If you know you deserve and want more in your life, but have become stuck finding your way alone

There is no need to keep clearing emotions and energy centres over and over and over again.
Clear them once and for all on a Quantum level and be Free!
This is what I'm teaching people to do, through this process and Exploring 22 Energy Centres, a 3 part video series you will also have access to.

What if you could change your life in this moment, forever?

How would your life look if you truly released all the energy of your past?
of the unknown.
of what may go wrong.
of making a mistake.
of failing.
of what other people think.
to speak up.

What would it be like to not expect the past to repeat itself.

What leap of faith would you be willing to take if you released all this?

How would your life look if you surrendered and trusted that you were safe and that things would work out well for you?

What would that Feel like?
How would that Look in your life?
What would you Choose to do?
Is it the same as what you're doing now?

Releasing your emotional energy can be the most life changing thing you do. Past the clearing and releasing of your energy is real happiness and peace.

When you clear your energy system of its past traumas, fears and experience, you truly open yourself up to possibilities.

You become open to opportunities that arise, fearlessly, joyfully and filled with appreciation.

You trust more.

You have more certainty and more courage.

You see possibilities in anything.

This is available to everyone, when you take the first step into your own power.

Don't take my word for it though, make the leap for yourself and prove it to You.

This is a process that has been created as it came to me following my Reiki placements, feedback from my Reiki clients, my knowledge of emotional clearing, energy in the body's systems, plus my personal experiences with energy clearing 2 years ago and with emotional freedom processes.

What do you get in the Quantum Energy Clearing Process

You will get 6 months of self nurturing with full support from me.

This is available to you in 4 levels of support:

  • Level 1 - Weekly Zoom/in person clearing session, weekly email check in, follow up email with details of clearing, daily distance clearing from me £222
  • Level 2 - All from level 1, plus an extra midweek check in via email to discuss any extra support £555
  • Level 3 - All from level 1 & 2, plus journal prompts and energy centre integration £1,111
  • Level 4 - Available through Learning to Love £5,555

    There is no difference between the energy clearing aspects of these 4 levels, just the amount of extra support you get from me aside from the clearing. 

    You get to choose the level of support that is right for you, or we can work together to create something in between.

    Would you like to be really free to make clear choices now?

    Some of the experiences through this process will have you digging deep and may feel uncomfortable. But I believe we only truly clear our energy when we open to the beauty of all we can feel.

    It is my intention that by the end of your 6 months with me you’ll have clear energy field to make every choice in the present moment.

    To get all of this fantastic support you can book a Discovery Call with me and get all the details and then choose which level of support is right for you.

    It's time to release your past, reclaim your energy and start living a life of real freedom now!

    Testimonials from clients who have received support*

    "I recommend your sessions Davina Kecun. I was in need of a listening ear & wise support. You sat down with me in a 1:1 session & gave me the time and space to reflect & to be heard. You offered me strategies that opened up my perspective on certain situations that were puzzling me. I was feeling stuck & you showed me a way through. Thank you.I also benefited from having my Human Design reading facilitated by you. Although you are only in the early stages of learning to do the readings, I felt uplifted & hopeful. My struggles were put into perspective & given a frame of reference which relieved my state of confusion about life & my responses to it!! Prior to this I really did feel like I was losing sight of my skills & gifts. So much had changed in the last two years. But my mind was settled & I gained insight and the opportunity to learn a little about my Human Design & the reassurance I was on track with my intuition.Thank you.."- Lizzie

    "The processes have been wonderful. It has helped me to find different ways to find my balance,reflect on myself and acknowledge how important it is for me to care and nurture myself."- Hannah

    " Where to start. Between a home move, cancer scare & a break up - all in 8 weeks, I was feeling blocked and disconnected from everything, including spirit. I felt unable to work to my full potential, and had essentially spent the best part of that time in tears. I reached out to Davina as I'd heard how amazing she is, and I was not disappointed. I've had reiki in person but never over distance, as I was absolutely blown away. I felt like I'd come home. Like my higher self had reconnected with my physical sense and I welcomed her back with open arms. The following couple of days I was fairly emotional but I understood that the stagnant energy that had built up needed to clear and I just let it release. I honestly cannot recommend her enough."-Anna

    "Today I had a reiki treatment from Davina. I had been feeling blocked and low. The treatment was exactly what I needed, I feel so much lighter, much more focused and more relaxed than I have felt in a long while. I feel like Davina helped me to open up a portal to my higher self, giving me such clarity. I will definitely recommend her to my friends.2 -Alex

    *These testimonials are for the full range of Davina's services.

    Who is Davina Kecun?

    Hi I am Davina, I am an Intuitive Healer and holistic therapist. I live in the gorgeous market town of Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire UK.

    In 2009 I left my work in health care, working for the NHS in England, to have my first baby.

    Becoming a mother changed my whole outlook on life as I always really knew it would. It moved me towards all the natural and holistic approaches to baby care, house care and life care that I'd played with over the preceding years.

    Embracing my love for healthcare I'd already began to study aromatherapy and crystal healing, as well as moving very quickly forward on my own healing journey through 2019. This brought it more and more to my awareness that our whole health, emotional, mental, spiritual and physical, are inextricably connected.
    I then went on to do some training in EFT and kinesiology, as well as receiving placements in Reiki to be of more support with the emotional side of holistic therapies, as this is where most of my own inner work took place.

    For more details on my journey and news on what I am up to you can follow me on Instagram or check out my other products here.