Did the covid-19 lockdown get the best of you? 

If so, its understandable, what an emotionally traumatic time!

I've heard from so many people I've worked with say that they were doing fine with living a healthy lifestyle and then wham, a life stressor, such as covid-19, hits and they revert back to their old, unhealthy ways of dealing with stress and uncertainty...they go to food for comfort. Then comes the weight gain and they end up feeling lousy about themselves and their bodies and the cycle perpetuates.

Its hard to bounce back from that, I've been there and get it! This is right where the enemy of your soul would love for you to stay, but we say NO and let's do something about it!

If this speaks to you and you are a Christian or wish to know more about God and how He can help you deal with stress in a different way, making lasting changes in your weight and health, then this program is perfect for you!

God DOES want you well in every area of your life according to 3 John 1:2!

Join us for 6 weeks as we discover God's promises and instructions in scripture, learn healthy habits in your nutrition, physical activity and how to deal with emotional eating issues all in a safe, supportive group atmosphere.

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Now more than ever, its time for us to arise into our destiny purpose!  The world needs you...lets get intentional about our health and walk with God so we have endurance for the race!  


"A Faith Based Approach to Bouncing Back when Life Feels Upside Down"

For the next 6 weeks, discover how to partner with God on your weight loss journey for life-changing results.  Learn how to deal with life stressors in a different way, walking close with Him.

No more dieting & emotional eating, searching for what your soul has really been craving!

During this 6 Weeks Together you will:

*Learn what it takes to gain back control, establishing a healthy new routine and eating habits

*Get back to/discover activities you enjoy 

*Shed up to 10 lbs* & feel great in your clothes and increased confidence

*Discover key emotional triggers that block your weight loss 

*Find your value and purpose in God's comfort and love and enjoy greater peace

*Be encouraged and supported in a safe, supportive group 

Establish a closer walk with God, along with healthy habits and mindsets that lead not only to successful weight loss, increased energy and confidence to last a lifetime but to fulfill your destiny purpose.  

Its your time to arise!

*Disclaimer:  Weight loss not guaranteed, results will vary and takes more time for some to realize actual weight loss after mindset work. 

Meet your Coach

Certified Health Coach, Nutrition & Dietetic Tech Registered & Weight Management Specialist, Diploma of Graduation Theology

Lori Koors NDTR,CHC

I can't wait to get to know you and your health & spiritual goals.  

I have my own personal walk with God that has gotten me through years of emotional healing.  Decades ago, I tried to diet to lose weight quickly and did it unhealthfully, which led to a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. 

After years of making changes to my diet, lifestyle habits, surrounding myself with positive people with similar goals and leaning on God's word, God healed me of MS!  This experience is ultimately why I became a Health Coach to help people live healthy & whole and fulfill your purpose as I do today. 

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