Welcome To The QuaranTrivia Signup Page

QuaranTrivia was born...well... out of boredom.  We're mostly stuck at home with nothing to do so we started doing online trivia with friends.  It was fun.  So we took it to the next level...and then the next level... and now we are at a crazy level.  Our friends have invited friends and they have invited friends then some strangers showed up... and it's FANTASTIC! 

It works like this.  You WATCH and listen to the trivia game via a zoom meeting and you ANSWER the questions on your mobile phone or tablet.  (Or you can use a separate computer if you have one.  Whatever is easiest for you.). The faster you answer the question, the more points you get.  Just like at Buffalo Wild Wings.  The difference being you don't have to pay a 250% markup on tiny little boneless meat nuggets.  QuaranTrivia is and always will be completely free to play.

Families can play as a team or each person watching can play with their own mobile device.  Whichever way you'd like to do it.  

Let us email you the instructions...

When you enter your email address below, you will get the instructions on how to play sent to your email.  In addition, you will receive the zoom link needed to play the game.  

You will also receive "general" trivia night emails every now and then when there is something to inform you of.  I would also recommend that you sign up for the event reminders.  A few hours before the game, we send an email to remind you about trivia night.  Since things are so crazy right now, it's real easy to forget about trivia.  (These emails may or may not contain hints about questions or topics from that night's game)

You can always change your choices down the road.

Other Online Shows that you need to see....

Friday Night - 8p

Nicole & Paul

Crazy Fun bar show that has been moved online.  Nicole and Paul sing your requests (well.. they ASK for them) and drink Malort.  Check them out!

Click the button below to get to Paul's Page.  Friend him... then strap yourself in feel the G's on Friday night!

in case you missed that...

Sunday Night - 7:30pm

Elisa Carlson

Chicago piano legend Elisa Carlson brings a downtown piano bar right to your living room.  You will find yourself singing along to just about everything she plays.  

Insane piano skills and a killer voice!  So much fun to watch.

Check her out on Sunday night!  Click the button below for her Facebook page.