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2020 Content Review

Before we get into the nitty gritty of how to curate and create assets, we will begin with a content and brand audit. This is an opportunity to make sure your message is clear and your pre-existing content or future content ideas are intentional. During this session, we'll review a what worked and what didn't work in 2020 to help you with your future marketing endeavors.

About the Strategist

Hi! I'm Whit and I have been slinging thousands of content pieces on these internet streets since I could learn how to type. I specialize in helping individuals and brands create meaningful content that creates long-term relationships and thought leadership. I am a former digital media instructor of the International College of Broadcasting and the Ohio Media School and have taught teens to boomers how make the internet their best friend. I am a graduate of the Disruptive Innovation Certificate Program from Harvard University and currently mastering a certificate in Women in Entrepreneurship at Cornell University. I say all that to say, I know my stuff and I have a desire for you to know it too. The internet is big enough for everybody to win and I am sharing the tools so you can do it.