🔥GDPR Hot Line! ☎️🔥

Our GDPR Hot Line! is a brand new service that we have introduced to support businesses that have burning GDPR questions  and always wanted to find out the answers but did not know who to ask or where to look. 

You probably have spent HOURS on the ICO website scrolling through numerous pages, clicking here and clicking there, reading a large amount of text only to find out that you are not any the wiser.  You are still not sure how to apply it or that you've even understood it 🤔

All that time wasted and you are not any clearer. 

Well, Fear Not! Our 'GDPR Hot Line!' offers you straight, clear, jargon free answers for your piece of mind and enable you to get it right first time! 👍

How does it work?

🚀 🚀 

1. Pick the slot that suits you best from the 3 options below

2. Make the payment

3. A Calendly link will be sent to you

4. Book your slot  📆

    15 mins Slot £22.99

    This slot is suitable if you have a couple of burning questions for which you need a quick answer to

    30 mins Slot £82.99

    This slot is suitable if the type of questions you need answers to are a bit more complex in nature

    60 mins Slot £184.99

    This slot is suitable if you wish to discuss aspect of your business in more details.