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Lisa has been teaching Pilates for 23 years, she is a best-selling author and creator of the In Balance Pilates movement and meditation APP.  Join our online programs.

Enjoy the view and beach sounds with this guided Sunset Meditation. Download the gift and get the full series of Sunset Meditations.

Go from chaos to calm with instant access to Breathing Exercises, Visualizations & Posture work to do anytime for inner calm, centering, and grounding. 

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I LOVED filming this series of Sunset Meditations. The view is gorgeous!

This series is for you if: 

  • You are searching for easy ways to add calming routines to your day.
  • You want a library of guided meditations filmed at beautiful locations. 
  • You often feel stressed and have found help when able to focus on your breath to relax.
  • You feel like you have too many things on your 'to do' list and need help feeling centered & focused.
  • You are looking for community & support.

You will learn:

  • Ways to add instant calm to your day.
  • Breathing Exercises.
  • Visualization Exercises.
  • Gratitude Meditations.
  • How consistency gives you confidence.

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