3 Strategies to Reduce, Manage and Overcome Addiction

How to reduce anxiety, build strong practices and create freedom in your life without spending thousands of dollars on treatment centers.



Learn the proven brain science method + principles for immediate relief to help you feel better today.



Apply the biopsychosocial model + how it can help you overcome anxiety + addictions quicker. 



How to connect to your personal power with holistic tools to take charge of your own recovery + have a more peaceful process to healing.

You'll walk away with:

Proven systems and strategies I use with my clients for over a decade that not just help you move into a place of peace and healing, and also learn the 4 pillars of why holistic addiction therapy is effective, safe and empowering.

If you've struggled with letting go of anxiety and addictive behavior on your own and you're ready to feel relief and change your life then watch this masterclass.

Founder of LL Holistic Counseling + Wellness

Meet Lori

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Master Certified Addiction Professional and have been providing education, healing and therapy for groups and individuals for over 15 years. I hold a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology as well as extensive training and experience in addiction treatment, trauma, military populations in many treatment modalities.

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