Learn how to

'Show more than you tell'

in your writing

‘Show more than you tell’ is the piece of advice new writers receive most often. 

It’s also one of the skills that takes most effort to achieve and causes the most frustration. This isn’t due to it being really hard to learn, but more because of the misleading advice out there. 

This handy guide will help you get it right.


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I’m Deanne and I care passionately about words and stories.

As a Story Coach and Mentor, I help writers to tell irresistible stories. I offer courses, memberships and programmes to suit beginners, developing writers and those ready to become the writer they've been trying to be for years.

I love to help people grow in confidence, to express the stories they have within them, and to help them see that they already have the potential and power to become the writer they want to be.

I help budding authors write their first book, and emerging authors prepare their manuscripts for publishing.

Words can convey a scene, create a character, set a mood. Words are the means by which we have developed technologies, arts and entire civilisations. Words make us human.

Deanne Adams, Story Coach & Mentor

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