Want to have Homeschool Fun but feel like you've hit a brick wall?

Let's bust through that wall!

Inject Fun into Your Homeschool!

Connect with your kids as you boost learning fun.  Create fantastic opportunities to think outside the box as you build relationships.

Wanna add fun but you feel:

Too Busy?

On a Budget?

Not Creative?

Not "Fun"?

Let's Help You Wave a Magic Wand of Homeschool Fun!

Hey Homeschool Mama!

I'm Amy Milcic, a homeschool soccer mom to 5 boys.  Life can get cray-cray and it can feel like there is never enough time.  I KNOW the benefits of homeschool fun for your family, your kids, and yourself.  Our homeschooling has become so much more relaxed AND effective with the addition of fun-and I know that your homeschool can reap those joys, too!


What are Homeschool Fun Projects?  Homeschool Fun Projects are activities based on nationally recognized weekly celebrations & fun themes.  These projects were selected to boost learning fun with challenges & skills not always found in curricula.  Suggested materials are commonly found household materials or ones that can be frugally purchased.  Recommended resources are available as links to click through and obtain more information (for example, videos or articles).

So, what do I get?  Homeschool Fun Projects come PDF printable format (digital download).  No hard copy of the product is available at this time.  

  • 100+ pages with 50 Homeschool Fun Projects
  • 4 projects per month PLUS 2 bonus projects
  • Printables for select Homeschool Fun Projects 
  • Welcome to Homeschool Fun Projects introduction & guide
  • Customizable planning pages & materials list to help you be prepared
  • My Homeschool Fun Why worksheet
  • Homeschool Fun Toolbox

When are we supposed to do these projects?  You know your family best.  The introduction & guide provide suggested uses but you do your own thang!

**Homeschool Fun Projects are NOT detailed plans that are assigned specific days or weeks.  These projects are designed to be flexible, customizable, & adaptable.  I don't like to be boxed in & I'd never do that to you! 

Introductory Price: $6

Oh yes, I did! 

50 weeks of homeschool fun projects
for only $6. 

That's 12 cents a project.  

Price will be increasing soon so don't dilly dally!

Email Amy at rockyourhomeschool@gmail.com with any questions.  

Looking forward to helping you rock your homeschool fun :)