"I've done the "work" and am now planning a wedding for 11/11/2020"



"I've learned so much about myself and why love never worked out for me. Now I have a boyfriend who I like a lot. I'm doing things differently, and its working"



"I actually met the future partner Lachon predicted for me in 3 months. Everything she said happened too! Lachon is very gifted"

About the author

LaChon Yeldell MS, CMH

LaChon "Your Psychic Love Coach" is an intuitive Love Attraction Coach & Expert.  Using her advanced psychology knowledge and real-life experience, LaChon knows what it takes to help you attract true and fulfilling love!

LaChon has a unique approach to Love Attraction that focuses on living your best life & being your best self. Through 1-on-1 Coaching, courses, intuitive guidance, & distance healing, as well as using the Law of Attraction – LaChon has helped countless people attract their greatest love story, relationships, and even marriages!

If you’re ready to say YES! to true love, LaChon is the best coach to help you create your greatest love story now!