How to overcome fear(approach anxiety) and start meeting girls you like anywhere

Most guys I meet have the same story.

If they have had girls, it’s girls who have chosen them. They’ve met through social circle, work or online dating. Average quality girls who still managed to try to control them. If they are in a relationship, they are afraid to lose it. What if they don’t find another girl?

Or they have problems meeting new girls. Online dating doesn’t work for them. They don’t know how to talk to girls. If they try, girls don’t respond.

I’ve created a free 7-day video course on how to take control of your dating life, overcome fear(approach anxiety) and start meeting exactly the type of girls you like!

You will learn:

  • Most popular places where everyone meets girls(but you should NOT)
  • Where to meet the best girls
  • The exact 3 steps I give my student to overcome fear and start conversation with a girl anywhere – street, shopping mall, cafe, gym, etc.
  • Top ways guys waste money to learn meeting girls and why you should avoid them
  • The best way to learn to meet and seduce girls you like
  • How a guy who couldn’t talk to girls met two girls in a local mall and pulled them home the same day(Didn’t sleep with them though)
  • How a recently single guy started meeting girls he liked and slept with a girl he met on a street
  • How a guys started talking to 5-10 new girls every day

You will start meeting new girls in 7 days

I will show you how you shouldn’t meet girls. I will show you the best ways to meet girls. And I will give you steps to take to meet new girls. In these 7 days you will learn how to start a conversation with girls you like. And you will go out and talk to girls you like!(I can’t make you do it but I will give you every tool you need to do it.)

The e-mail course will be sent to your e-mail. So use and e-mail that you know you’ll check to make sure you don’t miss it!