Homeschool Mama Self-Care: Thrive, Not Just Survive

The determined homeschool mama hunkers down to her homeschool routine despite exhaustion or aggravation. A curious parent considers homeschooling, until she realizes how much energy it will require. The homeschool newbie takes on homeschooling with fervour, then quickly realizes she’s consumed and spent. An unexpected home learner sinks under the tsunami of responsibilities.

Basic self-care needs are easily overlooked with a steady stream of childhood needs. All homeschool mamas need an action plan for their self-care.  

Homeschool mamas grapple with the not-good-enough feeling, perfectionism, loneliness, anger, doubt, boredom, impatience, and overwhelm. 

This book provides numerous self-care practices that address real homeschool mama's physical, social, household, and mental needs. Most importantly, addresses the most important self-care practices, that of thought care. Thought care asks three pivotal questions when experiencing uncomfortable feelings. 

Reframing uncomfortable feelings provides a perspective shift that can help the homeschool mama turn her homeschool challenges into her homeschool charms.

Learn the Most Important Self-Care Strategy

Unlike the light self-care approach like suggestions of spa visits and dark chocolate consumption, Teresa believes conscientious self-care strategies will help new homeschool mamas and unexpected home learners to confidently homeschool, keep mamas homeschooling and provide homeschool mamas tools to do what they want to do: enjoy the charms of their homeschool lives.

About Homeschool Mama Self-Care

Why are you homeschooling?

Let's start with the basics: Why are you homeschooling? What drew you to homeschooling? What do you hope homeschooling will accomplish? How has it been rewarding? What have been your challenges? Know WHY you're homeschooling. 

Acknowledge your homeschool realities.

Acknowledge and recognize the unique realities of the homeschool mama's challenges. We have great expectations of our homeschools. We have lots of plans, lots of kids and lots of places to be. Oh and the house is never clean all at the same time. 

Homeschool mama's unique challenges.

Are you overwhelmed? Are you challenged by perfectionism? Do you often feel angry with your kids? Do you doubt that you're cut out for homeschooling? Do you wonder why everyone's asking about your kids' socialization when they should be worried about yours? We all have different challenges, but we all have them. 

Physical self-care for mama?

Do you have self-care strategies for healthy sleep, grooming, morning routine, exercise, nutrition, your cycle & sexuality, pregnancy, post-partum period, and perimenopause. If you haven't considered the self-care basics because you are an afterthought in your homeschool, you'll be reminded of them here.

You be You, but Who be You?

The homeschool lifestyle can help you expand your own sense of self, if you take advantage of it's learning opportunities for yourself. You can learn to identify your own interests, your learning needs, your own explorations of fun and even create space for alone time. 

You nurture your kids, but do you nurture you?

No one asks about the homeschool mama's needs for socialization, but she needs that too. She needs to create a community in and outside her homeschool world, continue to build on her partner relationship, if she is in one, build intentional time with her kids, and intentional time fostering connection with herself. 

You're home, so your home is immaculate, right?

The care & keeping of the homeschool home provides organizational and housecleaning tips, menu and grocery planning, discusses the myth of multitasking and finishes with an encouragement towards accepting the reality of the homeschool home.

Let's Chat: Letters from Teresa

Skip the entire book and join Teresa, as though she's invited you for coffee at her homestead in the Kootenay Mountains, and get some good ole fashioned mama encouragement:

  • Coffee Talk for the First Year Homeschool Mama
  • Coffee Talk for the Established Homeschool Mama
  • Coffee Talk for the Mom of Many Kids
  • Coffee Talk for the Tired Homeschool Mama
  • Coffee Talk for the Unexpected Home Learner

And let her encouragement remind you why you chose this homeschool lifestyle, take stock why you still want to choose this homeschool lifestyle, and help you focus you on your purpose in pursuing this homeschool path. 

    You can do it mama, oh yes you can!

    Teresa Wiedrick

    Teresa is eager to share the freedoms of the homeschool lifestyle with the skeptical, the intrigued, and the curious. 

    Fourteen years ago, she searched for arguments against homeschooling. That search shifted her family’s next decade. 

    Teresa is a hearty advocate of home education and encourages other homeschool families to turn their challenges into their charmed homeschool lives.

    Having homeschooled for more than eleven years, Teresa is keenly aware of the intensity and demanding nature of this lifestyle. A mama has got to practice self-care so she can thrive, not just survive.

    Teresa’s book, “Homeschool Mama Self-Care: Thrive not Just Survive” will be released Spring 2020. She's got a new podcast, "Homeschool Mama Self-Care: Turning our Challenges into Charms."

    She can be found on-line at,, There’s a YouTube channel too. 

    But she cannot be found on Snap Chat, because she is too old for that.

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