In honor of Atlanta winning the World Series, I decided to write a little about how Ali saw it…. 

It'd been a year since Kace missed the playoffs because of the drama we went through.

Seeing him back with the team, and in the World Series, no less, was extra special this year. He said he would come back to the team and win, and he did. He reported early to spring training and did all the things he had to do for his team to make it happen.

Now they were one win away from taking the World Series win.

Since the game was in Houston, Cam had to fly in a few hours before the game but he was finally sitting with me in a suite we had for the team. I was clinching his hand and bouncing my knee as we waited for the first pitch.

Ethan was pitching, which meant Madison was sitting alone, a few chairs down from me, still as a statue. Everyone once in a while, she would close her eyes and take a deep breath. Ethan was so focused on his start that he was a stoic wall, not speaking or acknowledging anyone but Madison for the last two days. She was the only exception to his game day rules.

On the other side of Cam, Becca sat talking to Chase, who had served as an advisor for the team and had as much invested in the game as the guys on the field. Not to mention he started the year with the team, so he would be getting sized for a ring if they got the win.

“Calm down, baby,” Cam whispered in my ear as I looked at everyone around me.

“I can’t stay calm,” I bit back at him. Didn’t he know me by now? I was a wreck when I watched either of them play. But this was on another level because this meant so much to us.

Not just Kace, but all of us as a couple, or whatever we were. I didn’t spend as much time overthinking it like some did. I just lived every day so thankful I had these men in my life.

We had spent a year being scrutinized and looked down on. People made assumptions and wrote stories about who they thought we were and what they thought it all meant. The stories varied, and not all were bad, but there was a large portion that put the downfall of the entire last season on our shoulders.

All three of us.

Admittedly, I let it get to me more than the guys did. I shouldered the blame and some days, they had to remind me that I was more important than any game, or anyone else’s opinions.

At the moment, though, I was surrounded by people that loved us and I was safe, but I needed Kace to kick some ass to prove a point. I needed him to show the world that he isn’t distracted, that the team means as much to him as it always did.

“I could take you into the bathroom and calm you down myself,” Cam joked. I knew he was half joking. If we weren’t worried about missing Kace hit in the top of the first inning, he would most likely take me in there and fuck me within an inch of my life just for the fun of it.

Kace batted second and was swinging a bat on the on-deck circle as the first batter approached the plate. He looked so good in his uniform. His tattooed arms were peaking from his short sleeves, his pants hugged his ass perfectly, and the he had a few days worth of growth on his face because it was apparently bad luck to shave.

I teased him the night before, about he and Madison could be superstitious together, but he put his face between my legs and showed me how much I really appreciated the scruff. I shuttered just looking at him and being reminded of how good he made me feel.

“What’s wrong?” Cam asked.

“Just thinking about what Kace did with this scruffy face last night,” I whispered back. I never lied or played off how I was feeling with these guys, they could see right through me anyway. Plus, they didn’t get jealous or care.

“Mmm,” he moaned. “When we all get home, I want to see for myself.”

The guys and I had come a long way and they got off on watching each other with me. We never shied away or balked at what we did with one another, nor did we avoid talking about it.

I smiled at his words but couldn’t respond back because the first batter had popped out and Kace was being announced. We were the away team, so the crowd boo’d Kace so loud it almost made me cry. The guys loved it, it fed their competitive nature, made them want to give the crowd something to boo about. But I was protective of them in a way that didn’t matter what the reason was, I wanted them to be cheered for—always.

“Here we go,” Cam leaned forward in his seat and I went with him since my hand was still securely in his.

It took a few pitches, but Kace had worked his way into a full count before he got the pitch that set the tone for the rest of the game. A fastball that got too much of the plate and Kace didn’t miss fastballs.

He made contact and there was not a doubt by anyone in that stadium that it was gone.

The crowd boo’d harder as Kace rounded the bases but our suite was jumping and cheering. Cam and I were on our feet and hugging, watching Kace stutter step as he hit third base. When he crossed home plate, he immediately looked up toward us, knowing where we were and that we were watching. He blew us a kiss and Cam and I both blew one back. Cam and Kace had stopped worrying about showing each other affection in public a long time ago. Even before I came along, the world knew how close they were.

“Y’all are on camera,” Becca said from the side of us. We looked over to the TV mounted in the suite and waved toward the camera for good measure. Cam and I knew we would be on camera a lot since everyone was invested in our reactions. I was used to that, too.

Once Ethan took the mound, the homer Kace gave him was all he needed and he pitched the game of his life. Madison never spoke or moved until Ethan was pulled from the game in the 7th inning. By the time the 9th inning came, Atlanta was up seven to nothing and we were all told we would be led to the field after the last out.

Sure enough, with two outs, the batter for Houston grounded it to Kace at shortstop and threw to first for the out. The team piled high onto one another and celebrated as we were guided to the field.

We were all able to join the team on the field and even though I had Cam’s hand securely in mine, my eyes were focused on finding Kace.

“Over here,” Cam pulled me and then stopped when we caught sight of Kace. He was celebrating and trying to speak to the media, but I could see his eyes scanning everyone, looking for us.

After a few more words, he backed away from the camera and the microphone and turned, seeing Cam and I and freezing for a minute. We didn’t move, we just smiled and soaked each other in. But after we allowed ourselves a moment, we ran toward each other and I leaped into his arms.

Cam came up behind me and hug us both, smashing me between them. My lips found Kace’s and even though I knew the camera’s were rolling, I was so excited to show the world how proud of my man I was. I was so happy Cam was with me and not giving a shit about who was watching.

When I pulled back, I grabbed Kace’s neck and told him how proud I was of him while Cam echoed me from behind me. The moment reminded me of our first kiss. The way Cam held onto my hips and I faced Kace.

Other players came by and Cam started to congratulate them as well, but I stayed in Kace’s arms. He carried me around until he was forced to set me down to go on the stage for the trophy ceremony, but then I was back in Cam’s arms.

When all was said and done, the three of us snuck down the tunnel and found a moment away from cameras and away from the chaos.

“I have to go catch my flight home, man. But I am so fucking proud of you.” Cam said to Kace.

“God this feels good,” Kace said as he kissed my neck.

“World Champion!” I acknowledged.

“Yeah that feels good too. But having you here with me, us three alone for a fucking minute, this is the best,” Kace smiled.

Cam pulled us all into another hug as his lips found mine. Kace’s lips were on my neck and I moaned at the sensation of having their lips on me at the same time. I would never get used to how loved and safe I felt between them. I would never get enough.

We all three loved one another and we worked in a way no one would ever understand. We never labeled what we were or what would happen between us, but we all knew it was not temporary and that I would never be asked to choose.

*this is just for fun, unedited, and has no spoilers 

**there is more to come from this throuple (did I just spoil a surprise?) so I kept things minimal for this little extra 

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