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For 5 days only, you can LEARN HOW with this online course for only $10.99 - 73% the usual price. Grab it while it lasts!


What You'll Learn


New Stories

Change the old stories you tell yourself and create new neural pathways, which in turn create new habits and routines.


A Daily Happiness Recipe

Create a daily happiness recipe that ensures you are taking care of your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health.


A New And Authentic Life

Become a master manifester and ensure your goals are in line with how you want to feel. Live an authentic life.

Course Description

Self-loathing is an epidemic. It can look like low self-esteem, overwhelming anxiety, financial struggles, a cycle of bad relationships… Or all of the above! These issues affect our lives, and can make us want to numb out, neglect our self-care, indulge in harmful perfectionism, or self-sabotage. This class will show you how to explore self-love and bring it into every area of your life.

I’ve been teaching women the elements of radical self-love for a decade. My turning point came when I overcame depression and an eating disorder, and I’ve been obsessed with showing people how they can do the same ever since!

This course is for anyone who wants to learn tools to make their life happier. There are no prerequisites, other than a desire to take responsibility for your own life and a willingness to look at what’s not working.

This course will help you understand, appreciate, and love yourself more. You’ll also learn how to create daily rituals and routines in your life that will bring you greater joy.

This could be the ONE thing that changes your life.