Donna Adams

Here’s what others say about working with Donna...

I worked with Donna when I was starting my own business. It was such a positive experience that was completely transformational. Together we were able to work through my limiting beliefs and refocus my mindset for my business. By the end of the program, I had a newfound confidence. I gained clarity and was clear on my goals. Mental blocks had gone, my business values were affirmed, and my overall mindset was really positive. Donna is a brilliant coach and a wonderful person to work with. I gained my first 5 clients during this program.
Bec - Your Style with Bec
I learnt how to find solutions to my barriers by checking in with my goals and altering my mindset, thus building further confidence in what I can achieve. 
I would highly recommend Donna. Her inspiring fun, empowering approach really helped me gain the tools that were needed for me to succeed and be driven towards my goals. I have gained new mindset skills and motivation and also a much better understanding of how the conscious and unconscious mind work together. Thanks again Donna I really enjoyed all the classes we did together.
Kira - Leader in childcare