Barbara - Milan

"Alessandra’s coaching program has given me greater awareness and increased my self-confidence. I felt supported and understood in a time when I was feeling completely lost. She showed me how to reach my inner CENTER again in a professional and graceful way.

Serena - Milan

In addition to offering me a new vision of things, Alessandra gave me the necessary input to change and start taking action, as well as useful and practical assignments I can always go back to, every time I feel tired, discouraged or in need of some positive energy".

Jessica - Shanghai

"I recommend everyone Alessandra’s programs. They can really change your life! We have established a very empathic relationship as she was always available to answer my questions and doubts and made sure each time I had clearly understood all the assignments.


Alessandra Perini

I support  women in transition, expatriates and non-expatriates  who are trying to find a new balance in a challenging moment of their life and feel the need to overcome it and move forward. 
y courses include Life Balance programs and individual and group sessions, both online and on-site.