Book Revision Bootcamp:

Revise Your NaNoWriMo 

Manuscript Now!

So you wrote 50,000+ words in a month, now what? It might need a little revision...join Readerly for a three day Book Revision Bootcamp on how to begin the revision process.

Revising is hard.  Let us help!

What you get at the Book Revision Bootcamp:

  • A plan—get started on step by step revisions and sidestep the overwhelm!

  • A process—go from big picture to the details and avoid getting lost in the weeds.

  • A toolkit—use Readerly's system and handouts to go from first draft to a solid story.

    Registered attendees will receive access to the recorded sessions and handouts.

    The Schedule:

    Session 1 (1/10 at 6 PM CST): The Main Character’s arc of change—without it, there’s no story.

    Session 2 (1/11 at 6 PM CST): Cause: Effect—big picture and scene by scene.

    Session 3 (1/12 at 6 PM CST): Adverbs and Dialogue Tags—make good choices!

    Each session will last one hour and handouts will be provided to registered attendees.

    This Boot Camp is for you when:

    • You have a draft of ~50,000 words or more you want to revise.
    • You are serious about writing your novel and making it work.
    • You are ready to do the hard work of revising and want to get started with a plan.

    This Boot Camp is not for you when:

    • You don't have a first draft to work on yet. 
    • You aren't interested in revising your draft to make it better.
    • You don't have time to work on it after the boot camp.

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