Picky Girl Travels the World®️ & Ivana Robinson Coaching present:

RECLAIM: The Retreat

The retreat for women and femmes who want to reclaim their lives, happiness, and peace.

2024 Retreats

Meet Your Hosts

Ivana Robinson is a certified Life & Leadership Coach and reformed corporate ladder climber who helps women disillusioned with the status quo to abandon the rulebook, liberate themselves from expectations, and prioritize their desires without guilt. Through her email list and social media accounts, Ivana serves thousands of people per week, encouraging her audience to feel the fear and do the damn thing anyway.

Adalia Aborisade is not only a world traveler but also a money coach whose work centers around empowerment through financial education and literacy. She believes that everyone should be able to make confident financial decisions and has dedicated herself to teaching those who lack the knowledge and skills to do so. Adalia strives to demystify travel, money and everything in between to support those pursuing life on their terms.