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Ambika Samarthya-Howard

Worked with UNFPA, UNICEF, Save the Children, Praekelt.org and others.

Trained for BBC Media Action, Columbia University, and the New York Film Academy.

Believes in developing work together and taking risks in telling authentic, powerful stories.

Ernest J. Herold

Enjoyed a career in international affairs study and practice, including NATO and IISS.

Educated in foreign service and strategic studies, including from West Point and Georgetown University.

Believes that to lead any organization, we need first to understand how to follow.

Katarzyna Gardapkhadze

Served in senior leadership roles at the OSCE, Save the Children and other INGOs.

Educated in psychology. Graduate of Stanford University's Leadership Development Academy.

Lives by her motto: "Organizations don't create results, only people do."

Valeriu Nicolae

Served at the Council of Europe and in the government, advised European institutions and international and national NGOs.

Educated in contemporary diplomacy.

Dedicated to real social inclusion, service to people and communities, and developing solutions together with them.


Gilda-Nancy Horvath

Journalist for Austrian National Broadcaster (formerly) and Deutsche Welle, communication consultant, artist. Designs collaborative projects for NGOs on the nexus of education, human rights and digital transformation.

Studied journalism and media management.

Speaks out against all forms of racism, antiziganism and sexism. Believes that leading people requires serving them first. 

Larry Olomofe

Supported change in the OSCE, the Open Society Foundation, NGOs and communities of the Roma and people of African descent, NHRIs, governments, justice system institutions and business entities. 

Educated in social and political sciences at Oxford, Cambridge and the New School University NY.

Passionate about social justice, equality and equity. Believes that change is always possible.

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