Hello ladies,

You know the feeling - you experience something in life, you learn from it and say to yourself you will never do it again and then it slips your mind and you do it again...

Living transformed life, it is so important we are present to the conversations that empowers us and bring us back to whenever we need them, so we stay present to all what matters and creates the life we love.

Every relationship goes through different phases and we will not always be willing to be the perfect partner for each other. Nevertheless, we can keep in mind what in the past helped us to go through a difficult period, we can draw from our own resources or be inspired by others. Here are some inspirational reminders that may remind you of the path you want to take.

Put them up visibly somewhere on your fridge or in your bathroom - somewhere where they can be visible. I personally have them in my bedroom and see them as a first thing after I wake up next to my husband. I dare to say, our first kiss starts our day in for us very beautiful way - maybe not every day, but most of them 😉

Love, Lucia ❤️️