We are delighted to invite you to 

Stepping Out to Step Up

Take the footsteps to enhance and evolve your business

Work with like-minded therapists

Mix business, visions, ideas, relaxation and laughter to work on your business instead of in it

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Welcome to our amazing Retreat

Brought to you by Katie and Sarah

We will unashamedly encourage you to Relax & Evolve

Join us on Tuesday 20th September for 3 amazing days

 £980.00 based on 2 sharing (Payment plans is available)

  • Are you feeling your life balance is a little out of control?
  • Would you like to take a well-deserved time out, whilst evolving your business?
  • Do you want to create space in your life for you?
  • Would you like to Relax & Evolve?
  • Do you need to take time out for you

Have you answered Yes to most of these questions? 

Then we invite you to continue reading to find out what our Retreat is all about...

Why we believe our Retreat is for you:

As you can tell from the above, both Katie and Sarah both embrace the importance to Relax & Evolve.  

  • We understand how you may be feeling.  
  • We understand that emotionally, physically and mentally that we all need to give ourselves a break, change of thought, find a new environment, new thought patterns.  
  • We know and understand you can relax, rest and evolve, grow your business and increase your networks.

How can we say this?  We've been there! We have experienced burn out, exhaustion and fatigue.  We empathise with you and show you how we overcame  our own hurdles, dodged the curved balls, to be who we are now and thrive.  

We invested in ourselves with personal Coaches, attended Masterminds & Retreats and undertaken a great wealth of learnings to be able to create our vision of Relax & Evolve Retreats.

Payment plans available.

This beautiful barn is the location of our Retreat. 

A stunning, tranquil and fun location for you to be able to explore and seek a different perspective on how you look at your balance of work and life.

During this 3 day event, we will share our knowledge with you and the journeys we have been on in our combined 32 years of being therapists.

We both adore helping others, by lifting them up and showing new ways of learning and outlooks on business.  

There are so many distractions in life, in business and occasionally we forget that we, too, are as important as everyone else.  You have dreams, aspirations, purpose, passions for you to achieve we want to help you achieve them.

We have created a wonderful retreat for you to have the space to focus on you and your business.  It is a chance for you to understand why you do what you do, what your dreams are for your future and your future business whilst not forgetting the most important aspect in the process – YOU. 

Many retreats look at just one part – either your selfcare or your business – at our retreat we honour the holistic approach working on both, creating the best approach to your challenges in achieving your dreams.

The passion, desires and aspirations you have along with the space to Relax & Evolve will mould into one to enable you to take those footsteps on a new journey.

Making time for yourself could lead you on the path of greatness, we would love you to come on a journey with us.

What to expect?

Working with us as we encourage and guide you to learn, or relearn how to: 

  • Create and map out your dreams and aspirations for the future
  • Create stunning Vision Boards
  • Understand where you are today
  • Create a path to where you want to be
  • Have a practical content Marketing Plan for the last 4 months of 2022 
  • Enjoying our fun and creative workshops
  • Embrace your relaxation time 
  • Build relationships and create new friendships
  • Explore and transform your beliefs, to enable you to connect with yourself
  • Come away truly inspired and committed to you

 Payment plans available.

You will come away feeling empowered and inspired, 

ready for the next step in your business with clarity and confidence

Are you ready to Step Out to Step Up?

  • We have carefully planned Relax & Evolve to give you all the steps so that is exactly that, a place to help you Relax & Evolve
  • Our wish is that you "bathe" yourself in the aims of our Retreat and soak up all we have to offer.
  • Your creativity will be refreshed, and your business and your "sole" will benefit from what we can offer you

Are you ready to gift yourself time and energy to come away from your busy world to concentrate on yourself and your business in equal proportions?

Have you enjoyed the photos we've shared?  

This is the Lavender Barn, where we will be hosting the Relax & Evolve Retreat!  

Stunning isn't it!

This beautiful and high spec accommodation (even the loo rolls are beautifully decorated!) has superb evening sunsets, a hot tub and a swimming pool

  • 3 nights' accommodation
  • 3 days of amazing food (dietary requirements will be requested)
  • Water, tea, coffee and herbal teas 
  • Daily meditations, silence and visualisations
  • "Sole" use of the Hot Tub and Swimming Pool
  • Workshops
  • Creative Activities
  • Fun & Laughter

All this for just £980  - payment plans available 

The price includes all the activities, accommodation and food and non alcoholic drinks

Is this what you have been looking for?

Are you ready to transform your life balance, and take responsibility for you?  

Location: The Lavender Barn is just outside Taunton, Somerset.

Date of Arrival:  Tuesday 20th September, 11am

Departure: Friday 23rd 9.30am Yep!! its early!!

Please note:

  • Travel to our Retreat is not included
  • Health insurance is not included
  • Places are limited 

To book your place on our amazing 3 night Retreat, the price is £980 for shared occupancy and £1200 for sole occupancy

Take advantage of our Footlings Early Bird Offers!

Payment In Full £980 based on a shared room 

Payment In Full £1200 based on a sole occupancy

Payment plan (non refundable booking fee)

Payment plans are available - Starting in May £200 Deposit (payment above) plus 3 x £260 payment based on a shared room

Please fill in the form underneath and we will be in touch.

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We SO are excited to meet you

Roll on September...