Save the date!

On Sunday the 22nd of August 2021 we invite you to join us in circle on the day of the full moon.

Because we believe in Womxn lifting each other up, we have joined together from all over the world to support you with another online virtual half day retreat, for free under the theme of mindfulness, spirituality & self-love.

If you have been called to visit this page, you are here for a reason, follow your intuition & sign up now to claim your spot.

We will start at 1:00pm Tokyo time & 1:30pm Adelaide time. If you are not from these time zones, please adjust to local time. Places to attend live will be limited to 100, it will be a case of first in best dressed.

If you cannot attend live, not to worry there will be a recording sent to your inbox after the event. Further details such as times and details for each session will be sent via email before the event. 

Read on to be introduced to your retreat leaders. Follow us all on Instagram to get to know us, we would love to get to know you too!

We are so excited to hold space for you!

Testimonials From Previous Retreats

Energy Healing with Rebecca

Rebecca is a mindset coach, healer & spiritual guide passionate about helping WomXn get to know themselves intimately, discover their inner goddess and stand in their beautiful light and power that has been within them all along to live in alignment with their highest good and with joy. Rebecca assists her clients by integrating mindfulness, meditation & journaling into their lives as well as providing energy healing with in the theta state and Reiki.

Rebecca will be introducing you to energy Healing to help you release limiting beliefs.


Yin Yoga with Alex

Alex is a bilingual yoga teacher based in Japan with classes online. Alex is passionate about helping yoga beginners, introverts and empaths live a stress-free life through yoga, meditation & mindfulness. You don't have to be super flexible and thin to do yoga! Alex provides different options for every practitioner, and keeps it fun and accessible while honoring the roots of yoga.

Alex will be leading you through a yin yoga class to help you connect with your centre, open your heart and release tension from the body. No flexibility? No problem, this class is for beginners.


Quantum Healing Hypnosis with Mikaela

Mikaela is a multi-level healer from Adelaide, Australia. Mikaela is a hypnotherapist working in quantum healing, chakra balancing and international guidance readings. Her focus with her clients is transformative healing working with shadows, karmic cycles and ancestral trauma connected to childhood and past lives.

Mikaela will be introducing you to the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) during the retreat.


Embodied Divine Feminine with Rin

Rin is an embodiment and mindset coach based in Japan. Rin runs ecstatic dance x movement workshops, goddess temples, embodiment & self pleasure workshops in Tokyo. Her vision is to help others realise their inner abundance, peace and power, for wild women to be real and raw together whilst feeling safe and supported.


Self Love & Confidence with Fay

Fay is a self-love and mindset coach, with a mission to guide people to better relationships with food, body, and self. Through body work, tension and emotional release, and conscious eating, Fay helps people who have destructive relationships with food, eating, their body and themselves. The relationship we have with ourselves manifest in so many different ways as you know:)

Fay will take us through her inspiring self-healed eating disorder journey & self love path, followed by a group meditation and Q&A.


Slow Flow Yoga with Nanaco

Nanaco teaches yoga in the mountains of Myoko in Japan. She teaches yoga to assist her students to nurture themselves from uncertainty to authentic & empowered minus the bullshit. In winter she teaches yoga for snowboarders and skiers, while the rest of the year she holds Goddess Circles, to connect Women and give them an opportunity to share what’s on their minds and hearts in circle.

Nanaco will be leading you through a self love themed yoga lesson, to feel and remind you that you’re enough.

Nutrition & Cycle Tracking with Odette

Odette is a holistic wellness coach, she helps individuals with gut health issues, fatigue and anxiety with personalised wellness plans by using Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation and holistic healing modalities.

    She also helps Women feel more in-tune with their bodies and live according to their cycles.  Odette is currently undertaking a Fertility Awareness Program (FEMM) and will run programs to help women stand up for themselves and their reproductive health in a natural way including using their bodies as a way to prevent and achieve pregnancy successfully without the use of hormones.


    EFTP & Somatic Release with Rakhee

    Rakhee is a somatic trauma release practitioner, working to release trapped energies in the body - to allow you to fulfil your highest potential.

    She is an EFTP practitioner and will be guiding a workshop around somatic release combined with some EFTP work - focused on removing any limiting beliefs that may be holding you back .


    Breath work with Sarah

    Sarah Hunter is an international coach and guide living in the UK. She supports women to cultivate confidence, feel empowered and worthy of their desires. Using hypnotherapy and breathwork, Sarah believes in a full body approach to growth and healing.

    Sarah offers 1:1 coaching that includes the powerful modalities of hypnotherapy and breathwork. For women that want to release self doubts and believe in themselves, feeling confident and worthy of their desires. Sarah also offers online courses, including self led programmes and live group programmes.


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