ENROLLMENT FOR SELF STUDY OPTION AVAILABLE JUNE 2023  

                                                                     SCRIBES FOR LIVE ENGAGEMENT COURSE OPEN ENROLLMENT FEBRUARY 24, 202

                                                                                                       NEXT CLASS SESSIONS APRIL 17 - MAY 31, 2023  



Creating a space to come together with other writer's with a common goal, and support on progress. It increases productivity!


Creating a plan of concentration and consecration to allow room for the Lord to speak so you can execute your assignment with precision. 


Choose  writing days, from 2 to 5 days a week. Quiet yourself and your surroundings. Block out writing time from 30 minutes to an hour. 

Below are the different options for Scribes for Co-hort #3, click on the button that best suits you. 

Scribe LIVE Engagement Sessions - With this option you receive full access to replays, LIVE sessions, weekly zoom Q&A's and community group support with other scribes via Facebook group. (Reopens February 24, 2023 for Early Bird)

VIP Scribe - For the scribe that needs a little more attention, this option allows you to have two 1.1 sessions with a Scribe coach throughout the course to create a personal customized plan for your kingdom content creating. (Next year availability)

Scribes Self Study - This cost effective way to join scribes allow you to view replays of the first sessions, provide you with the HW and receive weekly Q & A sessions with the founder.  (OPEN JUNE 2023) 

What You'll Learn in the Bootcamp

Week 1

Defeating Imposter Syndrome 

Let’s directly ATTACK and Kill the life source of these: Perfectionism, Procrastination, OCD, Fear, Self Doubt, Insecurity, Over Achieving, Self Sabotage, Negative Self  Assessing Competency

Week 2

Revealing the Truth Behind Writer's Block 

Putting to rest Procrastination, Fear, Rejection

Week 3

Identify Your Kingdom Assignment

Hone in and narrow down the topics of writing, clarity of the assignment, execution of the assignment, concept overload unpacking. Separating and compartmentalizing thoughts.

Week 4

Creating From a Place of Victory

Plan of action to achieve the goal, making sure the heart is clear to release from a pure and healed place. How to dispense the assignment.

Week 5

Navigating Your Writing Style & Connecting w/Your Audience

Based on your audience determine which writing style best fits you. Narrowing down target audience. 

Week 6

Developing the Intercessor in You

Prayer Life (You just don't want to miss this, can't even put into words what is going to take place) 


And more...

Good Surprises ! Guest Speakers! Resources! Pop Up Sessions!


When does the course start? The course starts April 17th and ends May 26th, 2023.

Where is the course hosted? For self study students in private portal you are added to once paid. For "Live Engagement " students in the Scribes Facebook group. Don't have Facebook? Please let us know if you do not have FB.

Will the sessions be LIVE? Yes.  We will have a mixture of both LIVE and recorded engagement. Mostly LIVE engagement. 

Will there be replays if I'm unable to be available for the LIVES? Yes! videos will be saved in and out of the Facebook group. 

How long will I have access to the content? Content is accessible through the duration of class through to the graduation, after that in which replay access would have to be purchased.  

Are there any Refunds? No, unfortunately there won't be any refunds. 

When is the next Scribes cohort after this one? LIVE Engagement Course Flow April - May 2024 (Rest of 2023 Self Study Replay Version Only)