5 things you can do today to reduce hot flushes, insomnia and night sweats

Are you sick and tired of feeling ‘sick and tired’, having no energy to do the things you used to love to do, feeling bloated and heavy and not your true self anymore?


My name is Jeannette

I am a Women's Wellness Naturopath, Certified
Metabolic Balance Weight Loss Coach, Certified
Thyroid Recovery Practitioner & Certified Positive
Mindset Coach. I provide support & empower women
in their prime to to better health, more energy, to
reach their healthy weight & most importantly to FEEL GREAT

Often at this time women experience a thickening of their waist and tend to diet and exercise harder. This is not the answer!

You need to treat your body with respect as it is going through changes.

Grab your e-book and find out how!