Reluctant Storyteller

learn the science of how to use stories

Not everyone is a natural story teller - and many who think they are need to be told otherwise! - but there's no doubt that being able to tell stories makes you more powerful in your presentations and social life. This is the training for you if you find you're not enthusiastic about "telling stories" either at work on in your social life.

Signing up here doesn't commit you to anything - it's just a way of us keeping in touch so we can let you know when the training is available for you to buy (or not) and for you to have your say in what you want the training to look like

And as a starter/goodwill gesture, here's an 11 side PDF (nine or ten sides are useful! ;) ) with some starter tools - no catch: https://presentationgenius.inf... Just download and help yourself. Don't forget to come back and sign up if those are the kinds of tools you find useful!

About me - Dr Simon Raybould

I'm an expert in presenting and storytelling - in the real world, not just the make-believe world of big conferences! I've written several books on the subject and I've got an international client-base and reputation in the field. You can learn a lot more on the presentation genius main website.

What's going to be included?

This is about story-telling tools to get the job done so we're going to concentrate on using stories in the real world. Sure you'll learn how to tell stories in your presentations but it's bigger than that, because we'll look at how using stories will help you (at work in particular but pretty much everywhere)... and we'll look at the tools for actually doing that. We'll get tactical and we'll dirty.

It's going to be about advanced story-telling... using stories to change the way you present and the way the world works around you.

Details TBConfirmed - so sign up, keep up - and drop us a line to tell us what you'd like the training to look like. No promises, but we'll definitely listen. Right now, the leading idea looks like this...
THREE small-group, online, interactive class sessions with me
THREE email-based exercises delivered a couple of days after each class to help you embed what you've learned
THREE video-based exercises delivered a few days later to help you practice and to take things forward

All in all it's a cracker of a programme. And it's all backed up with three Big Red Buttons you can hit to get a personal email response to help you out with something if you've missed it, not got it, or want to take things a bit further.