Do you feel like your energy levels are low, you're struggling with burn-out or worried you're headed there?

Don't worry, you're not alone! I've been there...

So, I've created this FREE digital workbook that looks at 15 toxic habits that are subtle but so effective at draining your energy! Identify these 15 habits and use the mindful journaling prompts to give you the tools to combat them & get your energy back!

The Digital Workbook

42 pages that look into 15 habits that are draining you of energy! Plus many mindful journaling prompts to help you combat these habits and start to boost your passion and vitality again!

Your energy is one of your most precious commodities!

Being drained of energy is awful...

  • You cannot perform to your full potential.
  • You're not able to cope with tough circumstance in a balanced or reasoned way.
  • Commitments seem like chores.
  • Everything feels like it's a struggle or it's getting on top of you.

Through identifying energy-draining habits & working through mindful journal prompts you will...

Spend some time getting really honest with yourself

Find out how you truly feel and think about your way of life as it is right now. Approach your day more mindfully and with intentionality.

Identify areas of your life that need to change

Become more aware of the parts of your life that are not making you feel happy, fulfilled & full of passion.

Find out why and what WILL make you feel awesome!

Make Steps to Move Forward

Move forward with energy & motivation so that you can become the best version of yourself, tackle life with enthusiasm and no longer feel drained of energy!

Kim at Keeping it Mindful

As someone who has struggled with burn-out & overwhelm in the past, maintaining my energy (and yours too!) is super important to me! 

Keeping it Mindful is all about designing your BEST life the Mindful Way. In everything we do in life, there is a good chance we could be more mindful about it.

This digital journaling workbook is my free gift to you, to help you become more mindful of the habits you have in your life and how they may be draining your energy...

Just let me know where to send it!

Love, Kim x