Renaissance Of The Soulâ„¢

Healing Your Childhood Memories

Are you feeling stuck in life?

Do you react in life as if you run on autopilot and beat yourself up afterward?

Even though you are aware of the situation you feel helpless, powerless, and frustrated.

Do you feel stuck in the past and try to understand why you are the way you are - yet this doesn't get you moving forward?

Are you aware of your beliefs and still feel like you can't overcome them?

Do you feel somewhat wrong in who you are, feeling too small, too ugly, too stupid, too fat, not enough?

Are you perfect in perfecting your perfectionism?

Do you often feel guilty, overly responsible, or ashamed? 

Do you wish to live in a healthy and stable relationship? But still, something is always missing, wrong, or you feel insecure. 

Do you find yourself more often than not eating, drinking, or doing other things in order to numb your emotions?

This no cost workshop gives you 5 steps to begin healing from within.

In this workshop, you learn...

... how you can let go of beliefs that block you from creating a life that excites you.

... how you can heal old emotional wounds and become more loving towards yourself. 

... how you can feel stronger now, as an adult, and correct old patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving.

... how to let go of the urge to always have to be perfect and in control.

... how to find out, what you need and how you can fulfill them. 

... how you can stop running against the same old walls and start moving forward.

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