A 21-DAY FULL BODY RESET WITH Dr. Elizabeth Taddiken, ND

Reset 21 (In Clinic Program)

Reset 21 is a full-body restoration program

Get back to the basics after a seasonal change, a period of time where you have been under more stress than usual, or just to give yourself a little self-care.

The Reset 21 program is based on ancient and modern healing practices and scientific research. Reducing stress, or at the very least giving yourself the opportunity to balance the body around it, is necessary when you are going through the program. 

The therapies provided in clinic assist with stress reduction and bringing the body into a parasympathetic, relaxed, state. Patients who have gone through this program have seen great benefits to their digestion, energy, sleep, skin, weight, and mental clarity. They have reported a decrease in constipation and bloating, headaches, and joint pain.

The In-Clinic Reset 21 Program Includes

  • 6 appointments: 2 (initial/final) appointments, 2 Constitutional Hydrotherapy/B12 Fatburner shots, 2 Acupuncture
  • Delicious Protein Powder
  • Colon Support
  • Liver Support
  • Digestive Support
  • Meal plan x 21 days
  • Weekly video support
  • Weekly email accountability

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Valued at $1200, but for a limited time get this 21-day program for $888

About Dr. Elizabeth Taddiken

Dr. Taddiken is a licensed Naturopathic Physician with a focus on Women's Health, Fertility, and Pediatrics. It is her passion and joy to see her patient’s health improve with the gentlest treatments available. When assessing her patient’s health, she is always taking a “Root-Cause” approach. That is finding the root of the concern, removing the obstacles that are blocking healing, and providing what the body is missing in order to heal.  Are you ready to heal from a chronic condition, or looking for guidance as you start living a healthier lifestyle?  Dr. Taddiken is ready to help you every step of the way!