Are you ready to turn the page on 2020? Reset - A Fresh Start for a New Year. Free 4-day workshop, December 28-31.

RESET: A Fresh Start for a New Year

Each day includes worksheets, discussions, and a live presentation in our Facebook Group. Facebook Lives will begin at 11am Pacific Time each morning and should last about a half an hour. The presentations will be recorded in case it doesn't fit your schedule.

On Day One, we will take a look back at 2020. What did you learn? How did you adapt? How did you spend your time?

On Day Two, we look ahead. What are your dreams? What are your Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals? What do you really want? And why do you want it?

On Day Three, we narrow down our Words for the Year, and set our intentions. How are we going to BE this year?

On Day Four, we get serious about planning. We turn those big, hairy, audacious goals into plans, with steps and deadlines

Hi! I'm Judy Schwartz Haley. 

I'm a Health and Wellness writer with a passion for journaling and planning. 

Over the years, I've taught journaling and planning classes for a number of organizations such as the Young Survival Coalition, Cancer Lifeline, and the Harmony Hill Retreat Center. 

I'm so excited to present this class in an online format.

This is going to be fun!