Retire Educated 

Are you transitioning into retirement? Are you already in retirement and worried about how stock market crashes like the one in 2008 could affect how long your money will last? Have you saved enough? 

What if you could protect your retirement income so that stock market moves aren't going to affect it, be able to stop yourself from running out of money in old age, take care of Long Term Care costs not covered by Medicare and leave an inheritance to your heirs?

Concerns about the domino effects of the coronavirus and a global financial slowdown can drive deep dips in the stock market. Retirement portfolios are not immune to market volatility, worrying some savers that they may lose valuable assets they’ve been stashing away.

In this eBook you will learn:

  • Can I afford to retire?
  • What will my retirement look like?
  • How will I pay for health care?
  • What are my plan options?
  • What do I do before retirement?
  • How to guarantee TSP income.
  • 7 Classic Retirement Mistakes Federal Employees Make

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Jennifer Lang

No-market Risk & Safe Money Advisor, Jennifer Lang teaches families & business owners safe retirement planning and wealth accumulation strategies. to protect principle & grow wealth. 

As market volatility increases, investors and employees with 401(k) plans are starting to have flashbacks of 2008's down turn and are looking for safe money retirement strategies to protect their nest egg. She addresses top of mind topics such as how to not outlive your nest egg. JenniferLangFinancialServices.com

Her podcast, "Independent Wealth Planner Strategies" is available on Apple iTunes, iHeart Radio and Spotify.