Why attend gathering circles and retreats?

In this world, there is a lot of information available in form of apps. I am here to tell you the importance of a community and belongingness that retreats can provide you amongst other things. 

First benefit

Step away from usual routine. 

Second benefit

Get re-connected with your inner self and focus completely on you. A retreat is an excellent time to reflect on and recalibrate your life and goals 

Third benefit

Learn new processes, habits that will help you in your daily stressful routines and help you thrive.

Fourth benefit

Get creative inspiration. When you step away from the regular box, your energy gets a charge and your imagination will be on fire! You might even discover some hidden talents

Fifth benefit

You will feel relaxed, at ease and refreshed. Sometimes you need vacations from your vacations especially when you travel with families and friends. This will help your system get a reboot without all the added stress. 

Sixth benefit

A sense of community and belonging. In today's world it is natural to feel lonely and misunderstood. Retreat processes help individuals come together and hold space for everyone's growth. This creates a non-judgemental community. 

About Sneha

Sneha is a certified mindfulness teacher, reiki practitioner and a sound healer.  

Going from a mechanical engineer to helping people transform their stress into joy led Sneha to her own journey of self-criticism and self-doubt. 

In-person workshops and retreats have really helped her find herself again and equipped her with confidence to help people in their journeys of finding joy and abundance. 

Through her retreats, she aims to help women and men to reconnect with their inner compassionate self so that they can feel relaxed, connected and present for their deepest passions. 

Her processes include celestial Tibetan and crystal sound bowls, mindfulness, reiki and more.