Whether it’s speaking up at a feast, reading a map or taking a test in a strange kingdom, Seven Kingdoms Fairy Tales are all about finding more magic in your life.

In each Fairy Tale, a fairy godparent gives one lucky child the perfect leadership gift.

If only they’d remember the training wheels! Yiiiiiiikes!

Bookcovers for all of the Seven Kingdoms Fairy Tales and the castles that inspired them.

What readers are saying

Deborah Halverson

Award-winning author and editor

". . .well paced and well executed. I felt satisfied by the story’s outcome and by Nero’s growth. And as with Book 1, I laughed along the way. What a silly, fun, sweet world."

Charlotte's Reviews

GoodReads Reviewer

"As someone who has no sense of direction, I love that Nero is directionally challenged"

Dr. Patricia Eroh


"an awesome book for older elementary kids (or intermediate schools) that is fun, interesting, and keeps young minds reading!"

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About the author

Laurel Decher

Laurel Decher lives in the outskirts of a mid-sized city in Germany, between a medieval chapel on St. James’ Way and a boundary marker tree complete with scary face. It’s a little surprising, since she expected to live in Vermont for the rest of her life. You just never know when adventure will call.